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File Ishlamayotgan bolsa, Xabar Bering!
Esli File ne rabotaet, dayte nam znat!

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Ask Nicely
Parents can help kids understand where the family money comes from by
researching genealogy and talking to older generations.
If parents do not control this conversation, kids will find out information
about their wealth in haphazard ways. Securities and Exchange Commission filings
to see what their parents make.
have to be a really super naive parent, Dungan said, think your kids aren at
least somewhat aware. Your antique car, gone. Your grandmother jewelry,
Advisers should include their clients children in meetings, explaining to
them: parents have amassed a certain amount of wealth because they very
thoughtful in the choices they make with their money, Dungan said.
If there is a family business, get the kids involved.
is a big problem, because people accumulate lots of miles that they don use,
and the policies of the different airlines are different, says Gerry Beyer, a
law professor at Texas Tech University School of Law. constantly shifting the
policy, and sometimes it depends upon who you talk to and what you can get done.
flier miles pose a bigger problem for estates than other loyalty programs
because heavy travelers and rewards card wizards can accumulate many hundreds of
thousands (or even millions) of miles, Beyer says. And that adds up: By one
estimate, 500,000 miles could be worth between $4,000 and $10,000, depending on
the airline.
Many wealthy people struggle to talk to their children about how much money
they have. What if they divulge too much and the kids blab about it on social
media? What if they share too little and the children are overwhelmed by an
Sandra McPeak, a Rolling Hills Estates, California based wealth manager with
Wells Fargo Advisors, said one of her clients took his teenagers to visit rental
properties he wants to invest in and discussed cash flow and expenses. Another
client who owned a factory had her daughter assemble textiles and do odd jobs
there during the summer. That daughter now runs her own sports clothing line.
But can you pass your miles on? That depends. The secret is: Don take an
airline written policy at face value. The terms of service often say one thing
while the carrier practices offer another path.
Smaller carriers don always have paperwork ready for heirs to sign, but they
might have luck if they just ask nicely.
Financial advisers can help create a years long plan to teach children where
their family wealth came from, how it supports the family values and how it will
be sustained. Often, the key number parents actual net worth is not revealed.
This is a great time for families to initiate these conversations, since there
may be more of a captive audience in the dog days of summer than during the
school year.
Arrested Development with Jessica Walter and Portia de Rossi">More70%
of Rich Families Lose Their Wealth by the Second Generation4 Basic Money Skills
All Parents Should Teach Their KidsWhy Bank Accounts Are Better Than Credit
Cards for College Kids
Similarly, United has a procedure for transferring miles but you have to know
to ask about it. The MileagePlus program rules say mileage may not be
transferred, except as permitted by United. Should your heirs apply for one of
those exceptions, they would need to send the death certificate, a signed and
notarized affidavit provided by United, and a $150 mileage transfer fee, May
When kids are as young as 6, parents and advisers can start by helping them
identify bills and coins and understand the purpose of money, said Nathan
Dungan, president of Minneapolis based Share, Save, Spend LLC, which helps
people link financial decisions to their values.
Parents can communicate their values during these outings, discussing how they
treat employees. They can also take children on tours of their favorite
When kids are a few years older, parents should help them understand utility
bills and set savings goals.
Get the Paperwork
A 2015 T. Rowe Price study of 1,000 parents found that 72% had at least some
reluctance to talk to their kids about money. Most of those parents wished there
were more resources to teach their children about personal finance.
Advisers can help parents teach kids about personal finance basics, like
stocks, bonds and mutual funds, and how compound interest and inflation affects
锘縁amily Finance
Globe trotters appear to have that problem: Many airlines say officially that
frequent flier miles are not your property and cannot be willed to your heirs
upon your death.
For example, American Airlines say, accrued mileage, nor award tickets, nor
upgrades are transferable by the member upon death. That seems pretty clear.
The goal is for kids to explore what it means to be wealthy, instead of simply
asking if the family is rich, Dungan said.
But if you read on, you see that the airline reserves the right to decide, its
sole discretion, to pass your miles on to beneficiaries receipt of documentation
satisfactory to American Airlines and upon payment of any applicable fees.
Airlines spokeswoman Laura Nedbal clarified that the airline does indeed
transfer mileage to heirs. How it works: Upon request, American Airlines
provides a special affidavit form for beneficiaries to sign, affirming that they
are the rightful recipients of the miles. Your heirs will need to complete it
and send that back, along with the death certificate. Happily, as of now, there
are no mileage transfer fees.

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Tucking in shirts or blouses is usually a bad idea for the short waisted
unless your top and pants blend (a black top and black pants, or medium blue top
and navy pants, for instance). A tucked in, contrasting top will emphasize your
proportions. So look for tops that don`t have to be tucked in. Can you wear a
shirt that skims but does not hug your torso and comes down to your hips?
Are there tunic tops you like?
I`m mostly looking for advice on tops; pants are pretty easy for me to find.
To give you a sense of the work culture: many of the women here wear skirts and
heels, and the ones that don`t tend to wear finer fabrics. Most of the men wear
dress pants and button down shirts. Sometimes v neck sweaters with dress shirts
underneath. (Almost none of the men wear ties or suits.) Looking for
shirts/sweaters etc for professional workplace
Women`s sizes XS or 0 2, boys` sizes 12 or 14.
posted by Rosie M. Banks at 12:00 PM on March 5
To be business like, either one should be tucked in but I hate tucking in
shirts so I layer a sweater over to hide the shirt ends.
First of all, be sure that whatever undergarments you wear are well fitted
this is vital for the short torsoed. If you wear a bra, the right, well fitting
one can do a lot to make your waist look longer and your clothes fit better.
Prefer stuff I can layer because I`m always cold in offices
Nothing feminine
Oh, and despite my mention of "butch" in the post, I`d say my
desired aesthetic is more "preppy gay dude" than "butch
I know we all hate them, but American Apparel`s kids clothing is just sized
down adult clothing, and includes hella sweaters.
Nothing that emphasizes my short torso or rounded shoulders
Second and very importantly I do not want to wear anything feminine.
Skirts, heels, blouses, are not an option. I really like the dapper/butch styles
out there (examples: dapperQ) but suits and vests are overkill for the
workplace. I am not specifically trying to pass as male but I don`t care if
anyone does have that perception. I keep my hair short and don`t wear makeup or
jewelry. However, because of my size I realize that men`s clothes won`t fit me.
Because I have long arms, boys` long sleeved shirts usually don`t fit me. (I do
wear boys` t shirts and polos, generally size 12 or 14.)
Also, the stylists will look at your Pinterest board and take a look at what
you like. Like I said, I was really surprised that they put together skirts and
blouses and cardigans and sweaters that somehow I could never and would never
have bought because, as much as I love pretty clothes, I want them to be comfy,
and I never seemed to fall in love with anything on those excruciating shopping
My friend thrifted a women`s (I think) Dickies button up flannel in small for
me, and think that one would be a great fit for you. A little thinner fabric, a
little more fitted than the Duluth Trading shirts.
posted by Juliet Banana at 12:11 PM on March 5 favorites]
First, I`m really small. A little shy of 5`0", around 95 lbs. But I`m all
legs and arms. My torso is really short, so tucked in shirts don`t look good on
me. Also, because of scoliosis, my shoulders are very rounded. This makes
structured jackets look really awkward. My chest is not a factor in fitting
clothing as it is not noticeable except in very tight clothing that would be
inappropriate for work anyway.
I`m in Milwaukee but I`m fine with going to Chicago for a day
I have a different style esthetic than you do, but I am petite (5`2"),
short waisted and long limbed. I find that tucking does not work because it
really emphasizes my short torso (and makes me look like my boobs are sitting
right on top of my stomach!).
Thinking about some of my favorite non jacket menswear: additional options for
over the button down shirts: Shawl necked sweaters? A "professor"
cardigan with leather elbow patches?
Have you tried StitchFix? They`ve done a very good job of putting together
stuff I can wear in a professional setting that also fits, strangely, better
than stuff i shop for and get in person. And I gave them notes (not this or
that, would like it like this style) and they`ve followed them incredibly well.
You can literally link them to dapper site and show them what you`re looking
for. I hear you on not liking how tucked in shirts look, but since the tucked
part would be hidden by the bottom of the sweater, it seems like this could
work. They`re not fitted at all, which is great for disguising my chest but may
make them too baggy on you (I`m only a little taller than you, but I`m a little
bigger framed and a lot heavier).
posted by discopolo at 11:58 AM on March 5 favorites]
posted by desjardins to Clothing, Beauty, Fashion (26 answers total) 8 users
marked this as a favorite
posted by desjardins at 11:31 AM on March 5 favorite]
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Spongebob Party If a sponge bob birthday party is what you want , then plop
like a fish. Sponge bob, Patrick and Squid ward expect to help turn these
birthday party ideas into Krabby Patty Bait!
Safari Party With these safari birthday party ideas, your guests are in for a
ROARING time! So, get your pith helmet on, and be prepared for a crew of
stampeding kids looking to have a wild time at your child`s safari party.
This papers is all about the topic that you have been looking for, take your
time to read.
Dinosaur Party These dino mite dinosaur party ideas are precisely what you
need to help you throw a prehistoric birthday celebration for life in your
"childosaurus" and his/her "friendosauruses".
锘緽irthday Party Ideas
Try to allow more time for yourself, especially on significant occasions when
you have to front the whole show. You will be more effective if you feel at your
best, and more probable to delight yourself. For example make an appointment at
the hairdresser`s to have your hair cut or trimmed a week or so in advance. If
it is a special party style than make an appointment on the day. Decide in
advance what you are going to wear with plenty of time in your hand and make
sure it is dry cleansed or pressed if necessary and ready to put on. If you
decide to plan for a facial, book it for a few days in advance or it can leave
your skin looking blotchy on the day. Think having a restful massage the day
before, when plans are virtually complete. Always allow deal of time for your
personal preparations, including that necessity soak in the bathroom or long,
refreshing shower. Plan to be dressed comfortable and at ease and sipping a
cool, non alcoholic drink Thirty minutes before you expect the first guests to
arrive. You need to be well organised about getting the whole show up and
running. And once the guests chill out, merrily they will entertain themselves.
As we recall parties, how can we forget the funky birthday parties we enjoyed
so much as kids! Kids really love play with their friends, eat their favorite
foods and obtain presents at their birthday parties. Here are some tips and
ideas that you could use for simple birthday party events given below, to make
your child`s birthday wishes come true.
Circus Party Ladies and gentlemen, kids of all ages, be prepared to witness
the biggest show ever. There will clowns, stunts, and even animals along with
many more activities in this exciting circus party.
Superhero Party "POW", "KABLAM", "BAM"! Call for
all the little super heroes to help the birthday boy/girl keep our planet (and
your backyard.) safe, with these highly exciting birthday party ideas.
Tips for a Perfect Party Giver:
Princess Party You can arrange for a lovely mask ball for your little princess
and use lovely colours like pink, lavender or soft peaches for decoration.
Tinkerbell Party Just behind this idea, sits a small little fairy , with her
soft smile face, just ready and waiting to wave her wand and spread her charming
fairy dust on your daughter`s next tinker bell birthday party!
It is advisable that if you are preparing a birthday party, you would better
of to make plans preparation in advance. Decide whether you want to keep the
bash simple or do you want to devise a real exciting event. If you decide to
throw a theme based birthday party, then decorations, food, entertainment,
activities as well as party dress up code are just a few things that you need to
keep in mind.
Luau Party These luau party ideas will help you create a beautiful tropical
island retreat (in your backyard.) so, say "Aloha" and get ready to
entertain a bunch of little hula dancers and hang ten surfers.
Bratz Party Girls RULE!! So join Cloe, Megan, Jade and Yasmin for a styling a
birthday party idea. Your trendy little guests will go mad as they show their
passion for fashion.
First, you have to decide what kind of theme of the party you will have. Here
are some of the coolest birthday party ideas for themes are as follows:
Pirate Party Ahoy Matey! Prepare for a swashbuckling adventure on the high
seas. Be warned, these pirate child birthday party ideas are sure to blow your
guests out of the water! This is a great theme if you want to throw a poolside
birthday party.

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Cake day posts are not allowed.
We won remove posts where the humor is crappy or unfunny (that a subjective
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How I Feel When posts belong in /r/HIFW. Reaction gifs belong in
2. No posts with their sole purpose being to communicate with another
5. No Politics

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NSFW material is permitted on /r/ArcheAge. These kinds of articles and other
content Have to be flagged NSFW or it will probably be taken off. For each each
and every nine comments or distinctive submissions, you possibly can post your
individual subject material to your subreddit.
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Cheney responses on Ambient Surroundings Sound in Hellswamp Zone
Warning the community a couple of participant who is scamming must be
accompanied by documentation; video clip(s), screenshot(s), and so on.
Accusations free of substantiation would be eliminated, in accordance with
Reddit procedures.
Certainly no Buying and selling, Providing, Begging, or Transferring of
accounts or keys on this subreddit.
/r/ArcheAge is not really an advertising and marketing system. We do not just
want to see your guild/looking for no matter what things listed here.
/r/ArcheAge will not be for account support. You welcome to put up thoughts,
looking for support, but /r/ArcheAge isn`t really for account guidance.
Dialogue about hacks and exploits are authorized. Precisely linking to and
distributing claimed exploits, hacks or cheats may not be.

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Album for the impatient
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The Process: I initially went through the Carmina website, not the webstore,
which has less inventory. You have to sort through all the models by last which
is difficult and time consuming, they also have few and very poor pictures. A
price was not listed online, but they quoted me by email. The shoes were 495
Euro in the EU and 430 ex VAT (taxes within the EU for those unfamiliar 20%)
shipping within Europe was 35 euro and 65 euro to the US (Alaska, my
understanding was that it might be cheaper to the lower 48). Total in USD came
to 680, or about on par with their Men boots, a little higher probably due to
the height of the model. Shipping took 5 days from France to my door and was
sent in the US through USPS (meaning NO import fees/duty like with FedEx). They
also marked the import value at 100 euros which may have helped. Overall the
customer service was fantastic, they responded within 24 hours at all times and
were extremely helpful.
Sizing: She is a 6 1/2 Brannock and we went with a 4UK since Carmina is fairly
TTS. It seems to be working for her. One thing to be aware of on high boots is
calf diameter, but these seem to be on par with other boots in the same style. I
measure 14" at the widest point.
The Boots: Carmina uses a goodyear welt. If anyone would like more
information, it can be found in /r/goodyearwelt. The leather is a black
calfskin. I don know which tannery Carmina sources their calfskin from but it
very good quality, about on par with what I seen from C and other comparable
makers. The leather selection and cutting was pretty good considering the large
panels involved and the grain is tight with good break on the vamp of both shoes
and 3 out of four panels of the upper. One shoe has some more uneven break and
looser wrinkling on the inside heel panel and the strip up the back of each boot
has mediocre creasing as well. The soles are similar to the york soles on their
mens boots, having a rubber panel in the front and over the heel and a leather
section in the middle. They don have the nubs like the mens York sole or
dainite/sestriere type soles but they seem very hard wearing from what I seen.
The last two issues illustrate a few minor stitching defects. The stitch has
pulled partway through the rubber on the toe and they missed part of the channel
in one spot. Lastly, on the back there 2 3 missed stitches. They breaking in
well and are pictured with 7 days of wear. They have not been rotated with other
pairs nor had shoe trees used. I have ordered these and they on their way.
Hi guys and gals. We haven had a lot of reviews of women high end footwear,
and the truth is there not much of it. I started looking for a nice quality high
boot about 3 months ago, after trying several mid tier boots for her and
ultimately being completely unsatisfied.
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Can food be brought in by patients in an outpatient setting?
I work in an outpatient infusion center in a physicians office. Some of my
patients like to bring their lunch and or drink in when they are going to be
infused and it will be longer then an hour or so. Patients.
Coverage for radiation when a patient is in sub acute rehab Have there been
any changes in coverage for radiation treatment off site from a sub acute.
Does it make sense to transfer a patient from a hospital to a skilled facility
with cdiff? My father who is 68 and overall poor health has only been treated
with vancomycin for 2 days.
If a medical records auth is signed for a family member to receive info and
the patient decides to revoke the auth what do th. Is a medical facility
required to notify a family member of a patient if the patient revokes.
Are residents allowed to leave a nursing facility when in a skilled bed A
resident is living in a nursing home and in a skilled bed. wants to leave
facility for.
What is average mds time for skilled therapy five day assessment Our skilled
nursing director is pushing rehab to get more minutes during the first five day.
锘緾an a patient receive outpatient services while in skilled facility

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What would you be doing right now if you were 100 percent in love with your
body just as it is, including any bumps, bulges or wrinkles? What if you
perceived every painful experience in your life as the perfect opportunity for
you to learn what you need to know so you can become Your Authentic Self?
The wonderful thing about values clarification is that it enables you to take
charge of developing and shaping your own character. When your values and goals,
your inner life and your outer life, are in complete alignment, you feel
terrific about yourself. You enjoy high self esteem. Your self confidence soars.
What I experienced that people who have a large open area are usually very
easy to talk to, they communicate honestly and openly with others, and they get
along well with a group. People who have a very small Open Area are difficult to
talk to, they seem closed off and uncommunicative, and they often don`t work
well with others, because they`re not trusted.
Your attitude toward yourself is determined largely by the attitudes that you
think other people have toward you. When you believe that other people think
highly of you, your level of self acceptance and self esteem goes straight up.
Imagine how fulfilled you`ll be when you fully live your life right now
instead of waiting for the world to proclaim, "You`re finally good enough
to enjoy your dreams." Take one step forward now so you can claim an even
more authentic, rewarding life. If you run into a roadblock, hire a professional
coach to help you gain the bliss of loving the skin you`re in.
Values clarification is the beginning exercise in building self confidence,
self esteem and personal character. When you take the time to think through your
fundamental values, and then commit yourself to living your life consistent with
them, you feel a surge of mental strength and well being. You feel stronger and
more capable. You feel more centered in the universe and more competent of
accomplishing the goals you set for yourself.
In Part Two of this series, "Elevate Your Self love, Confidence and
Personal Empowerment," you gained tips for ending negative comparisons to
other people that zap your self esteem and confidence. You`ve begun to surround
yourself with excellent role models who will inspire you to be Your Authentic
Self so you can more easily live the joyful, successful life you deserve. You`re
now consistently using your innate curious witness to elevate your confidence
and delete the harsh self judgments that previously brought you down.
Relationships and communication with "difficult people" have become
easier because your self love has escalated.
Now it`s time to ensure that your personal and professional support systems
meet your needs. This will help you stop paying attention to invalid external
criticism, while you continue to honor constructive feedback, including from
true mentors and friends. You`ll continue to fine tune how you work with your
innate curious witness by gaining the next level in your ability to ask yourself
empowering questions. All of this encourages your inner critic to take a very
long nap. Let`s continue covering the "Ten Tips" that began with Part
One of this article series. True mentors and friends bolster your confidence
with specific, constructive feedback. Is it time to express your unmet needs
when you`re working? Is it time to shift one or more "friends" into a
list of "acquaintances"? You can remind yourself, "The only
opinion I need to truly pay attention to is my own, so it doesn`t matter what
other people say about me. I`ll consider other people`s opinions as
possibilities instead of facts. Then I`ll either prove or disprove them to
myself. Identify assumptions, thoughts, emotions, behaviors and beliefs that
precede your inner critic`s banter. Own your power for a positive change by
jotting down notes and periodically pondering patterns about what causes "I
like myself" to transform into "You`re not good enough." You`ll
be thrilled to know that simple self awareness can cause a major turn around. As
long as you don`t judge or resist what you learn about yourself, you`ll set
yourself up for spontaneous positive change. If you eat all of your meals on a
super size me dinner plate and surround yourself with people who unconsciously
chow down until they`re miserable, you`ll probably overeat. If you plan ahead,
"I want to eat what`s just right for me," you`ll select the plate
size, mindset and dinner companions that support your objective. Mindfully
managing your environment and your internal and external support systems to
empower you to befriend your inner critic is a similar process. With awareness
and the intention to learn and grow, you`ll adore your amazing life and also
your body. Your body is serving you 24/7 every day, with very little attention
and gratitude. Begin right now to program your life today for happiness, success
and a richly rewarding body image.

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Meme type posts are allowed, but discouraged at most times. The mods may
delete any meme posts in order to maintain the integrity of /r/aquariums.
General hardness, iirc (and I am far from an expert) measures the level of
calcium and magnesium in your water, whereas carbonate hardness (alkalinity)
measures your buffering capacity. Science is not my thing, so much. I read
something about it a while back that explains it well, but I on my phone, so I
see if I can find it for you in a bit."GH general hardness is a measure
of the amount of calcium and magnesium. Sometimes general hardness is defined as
including manganese and iron as well. General hardness is expressed as calcium
carbonate equivalents even though the calcium and magnesium may actually be in
the form of calcium sulfate, magnesium sulfate, calcium chloride, magnesium
chloride, and others.
KH alkalinity hardness. dpc] is a measure of the buffers or acid
neutralizing capacity. Alkalinity is expressed as the buffering capacity of an
equivalent amount of calcium carbonate. It is the carbonate that neutralizes
acids and provides the buffering. The ions providing the buffering capacity may
not be calcium carbonate in your water. The alkalinity may come from magnesium
carbonate, sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate, calcium bicarbonate, magnesium
bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, calcium hydroxide,
magnesium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, and others.
Actually, it can be any alkali metal (calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium,
lithium, rubidium, etc.) attached to a buffering ion.
jump to contentmy subreddits
Please no name calling. It ok to disagree with someone, but choose your words
well, or you potentially may no longer be allowed to post here.
Yes, you can have low general hardness but still have adequate buffering
capacity. Likewise, you can have dangerously low alkalinity but still have high
general hardness.".
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all forms of personal privacy when posting photos.
锘緾ommonly used abbreviations in the aquarium hobby

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It is kind of ridiculous to have to manually structure it all yourself and
manually set up the include and lib paths or spam your PATH env var with every
lib (which quickly reaches the max length for an env var). But after a while you
get used to it and no longer perceive it as such a huge problem, which I guess
is an issue with a lot of these things.
Also some devs by writing tests which zoom in on the matter, so they write
tests which fail till they have the tiniest part which reproduces the error and
they can see where it is, go into the code, understand you did a B again and fix
Completely different than comparing windows and linux, if you want to see a
bad debugger use OpenVMS and its debugger. It won display any information at all
for templated functions/classes. No source code, no method names, nothing.
limit my search to /r/programminguse the following search parameters to narrow
your results:see the search faq for details.
But last I head MS is thinking of expanding NuGet to include C++ stuff. Never
had a single problem with GDB, the only thing that I don like debugging in GDB
is boost. Never had a problem with STL or any library I ever worked with.
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锘緿eveloping on Linux vs Windows
Do you have evidence for that? As I don think it true. years) you know when
you want behavior X, you think you wrote code which does X but instead you got X
and you understand it can either be A or B, you go back to your code, read it
and see you indeed did B, fix it, run the test again, go.

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