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    Dunyo buyuncha "dunyoning eng yahshi insoni kim" degan anket
    yopilmokta, u saytga kirip paygambarimizni (s.a.v.) bellang iltimos.
    paygambarimiz (s.a.v.) 8-inchi orinda turmokta.

    Welcome to Best of Men Vote
    The is pleased to announce that the following 10 candidates have
    been nominated for the final round of the Best of Men of All times. The listing
    is in alphabetical order, and visitors can vote for any one of them as the Best
    of Men. Voters may find a brief history of the candidates in the Profile
    The declaration of results for Best of Men Vote has been scheduled to 11/1/11
    (11th Jan 2011). Please subscribe to get the result update below.
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    Who is the Best of Men?

    1.Abraham Lincoln
    2.Albert Einstein
    4.Jesus Christ
    5.Karl Marx
    6.Mahatma Gandhi
    7.Martin Luther
    9.Saint Paul
    10.William Shakespeare

    buni bilganingizga ayting. menga ham shunaqa smslar keldi. oz burchumni
    qildim. TURKEY Istanbul

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