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Every baby is different your baby can eat every half hour, hour, 2 hours.
Awesome tips! I particularly agree with it gets easier after the first six
weeks and set small goals. I remember the day after I got home from the
hospital, my only goal for the whole day was to try to find a better nursing
hold. I was doing the football hold at the hospital due to IVs, etc. It was
relieving that that was the only thing I was going to do the whole day. As soon
as we got a comfortable hold down, everything flowed from that and it made all
of the difference. So maybe a tip I would add would be Comfortable. WHich would
mean, if you are comfortable, so is the baby, and feeding will be easier. Make
sure you have what you need within reaching distance (water, snack, phone,
remote). this will also make you more comfortable.
My best advice for the first time mommys is to not listen to anyone, I
remember I was so sad at first because they told me that my baby had to eat for
10 to 15 min atleased and she wasn I thought I wasnt producing enough milk.
Girls it takes time for you and your baby to get used to a new experience, it is
kinda hard at first but the weeks will go by and you be an expert then it will
be easy. You wont have to wake up at night to make bottles to feed your baby you
wont have to buy formula and WOW its really expensive. Have fun breasfeeding it
is just a great bonding you get to have with your baby plus breast milk is the
best my baby girl is 7 months and really really healthy she has never got sick
comment >
???10 best breastfeeding tips from other moms
Wonderful! My son is 11 months and still going strong. The best tips, IMO, are
set small goals and realize that it will get easier. I set small goals, first 3
months, then 6, then 9 and now to my ultimate goal of 1 year and beyond. Each
time I hit that new goal was such a great feeling, especially since i went back
to work full time after 14 weeks. My son and I battled through reflux and my
oversupply and extremely fast let down. At times I would cry bc I wasn sure if I
was Breastfeeding him for his health or for my sense of pride. However, now I
know that I made the best decision! He still loves to nurse and I still love the
bonding time as well. To new moms out there, just give it your absolute best
try. It is difficult, no doubt, but no one said that raising a child was going
to be a walk in the park!
I remember very clearly how hard it was to nurse in the beginning. My son had
jaundice and his latch was bad. Each feeding felt insurmountable. But I read
something in the BabyCenter Community. It was one simple tip and it kept me
My older sister and I were recently talking about the many years we have both
spent nursing babies. I have four children and she has three. Our discussion
naturally let us back to those first days of nursing our first born children.
Don believe everything you read about breast feeding everyone is different. (
find your own way)
I`ve gathered together the best tips I`ve read in our BabyCenter Community to
pass on to anyone who needs some encouragement. For all of you embarking on your
journey of nursing a child, I hope maybe one of these tips gets you through
those first few weeks. It can be difficult and challenging, but I can`t even
begin to describe how beautiful it can be.
I thought a challenge was breastfeeding and pumping while working full time. I
went back to work as a nurse on the night shift when my son was 7 weeks old.
Thankfully my co workers were supportive of my choice to pump. I learned to
trust that my patients were taken care of while I was gone for 30 45 mins
pumping. I also temporarily gave up some responsibilities so that I could leave
the floor every 4 hours. My husband texted when ever he gave our son a bottle so
I could still sync my body with his feedings. I just had to remember that my son
nutrition depended on my pumping and so I made pumping a priority. I breastfed
my son until he was 15 mos old.
Breastfeeding always has challenges. I`ve nursed babies through mastitis,
elimination diets, spent years without eating any dairy because of allergies.
But nothing has been as challenging as the first weeks of nursing my first baby.
After that I just knew how to do it. I knew it would get better. And it`s funny
that one little sentence kept me going.
My son is 21 weeks and has stopped breastfeeding. He will only take the bottle
now. I am feeling rejected and inadequate for some reason. I had to go cold
turkey on him and just give him the bottle because I am starting work this week,
and for the past 2 weeks he will only feed thru the bottle. I was hoping he feed
both ways because breastmilk is so much better for his development.
Don worry about if your baby is getting enough, your baby will let you know,
look for cues if your baby is content after a feeding then she/he is prob good
to go.
The comment about the nipple shield was exactly what I went through! After my
c section, it took a while for the milk to come in, we tried to threading of the
donor milk (it was a mess), but my baby would latch onto the silicone nipple
shield because it was similar to the bottle. Eventually, at 4/5 weeks, when he
was mostly satisfied, I slipped out the shield, and he nursed on the bare
breast, and after a few more similar attempts of slipping it out, he was
breastfeeding! I had such a feeling of accomplishment after so many weeks of
trying, crying, and the baby screaming. lol.
I am so proud that I am able to breast feed my girl. This is the best feeling
in this world. Not only its good for you baby but also for you. It helped me to
relax, sleep well, less time in cleaning, warming, adding. I used to think that
my son didn suckle and so I couldn produce well and vice versa. But then I found
this time that prb was with my thyroid hormones and the dosage. This time I was
very very determined to breast feed my girl as long as I can. SO started
googling and found that with gestational diabetes, the milk starts to flow
little later than those who never had this orb. So I was patient. I didn give up
and kept trying. Thankfully my husband was so much supportive and kept
encouraging me of doing it. Instead of sored nipples and less milk flow I kept
doing it. Also I was pumping every night.
It was hard and painful but if I had to do it again I wouldn think twice and
would keep going till he was about 1 year.
I actually on my third child. He was born in march. I am in the habit from my
other two where I stop breast feeding after the first month because it is too
much for me. This time I committed to making the healthy choice for my son. No
matter how much I did it my nipples would not get used to it. I ended up having
to start pumping because his mouth was too small for my nipple. I bought breast
feeding nipples and did it that way for a few weeks. Eventually his mouth got
big enough that I could once again try feeding from the breast. I am so happy
that I stuck with it this time. Through tears and bloody sore nipples and
cringing! I happy I could make a healthy choice for my little man!
This tip is the 1 tip in slide show below. I repeated it to myself during the
first few weeks. I even gave myself permission to quit when I made it to 6 weeks
if it was still so hard. And then suddenly it wasn`t that hard anymore. The
newborn fog lifted.
Yes I think after 6 weeks nursing gets much easier I think your milk supply
stabilizes, Tips for new moms breast feeding in the beginning its hard,
especially since your not getting enough sleep and your boobs/ nipples hurt. It
gets better don give up. My first baby now 6 years old took a very long time to
feed around 40mins and now my 4 month old takes maybe 7mins to eat. Big
difference First few weeks
Remember to enjoy this time with your baby they dont stay this little for
long, happy breastfeeding.
I remember nursing my first child like it was yesterday. I had an emergenc c
section and discovered that lying on my side to nurse was much easier and my
baby was able to latch on much easier because your much more replaced. It does
get better as the weeks go by every time I had to nurse my add on I would at to
myself its their best thing for him. I went though the mastitis and cracked
bledding nipples I grinned and bared the pain. I nursed him for 17 months and it
was the best thing because he is so smart today because of mothers milk. I now
have 3 kids and I am so happy I chose to nurse my 2nd child did not want to give
up the booby she nursed until she was 2. I am now nursing my 3rd child and she
is 20 months old I feel that the first 2 years are most imortant to nurse. I wil
break her when she turns 2. I am a proud nursing mom.
I love the tip about using a lactation consultant many hospitals and birth
centers make one available to new moms USE THEM! I ended up transferred to a
hospital for a cesarean section after a long labor at a birth center, and after
having such a different birthing experience than I was hoping for, having the
help of the lactation consultant was wonderful!! I called her into my room
multiple times after struggling to get my baby to latch on, and she always knew
exactly how to help and encourage me. She also gave me so many tips, showing
that experience really was the key (I read so many books during my pregnancy,
but nothing compared to her wisdom and insight). It was also so nice to hear
that I wasn alone to all new moms, never be afraid or embarrassed to ask for
For me, I always focused on the positives of breastfeeding. I have 5 kids that
are all a year apart and have nursed all of them. Even when nursing became
really painful during pregnancy, I just kept focusing on how much I enjoyed
nursing my little ones and how much they enjoyed it. The time they are little
and nursing really is so short lived, even though it may seem like an eternity
when you are struggling or just beginning to figure things out. And definately
savor that alone time with your firstborn you have multiple kids, the times of
nursing quietly on the couch while watching tv tend to become times of running
around the room nursing while chasing toddlers at the same time!
Find a comfortable way to hold your baby its the key.
You don have to wake your baby exactly every 3 hours to nurse. I did that for
a week before I said forget it and followed the advice to just let him sleep. He
will want to nurse when he hungry. That what nursing on demand is! And don be
afraid to use a nipple shield. My baby was NICU baby for his first week and got
the bottle and pacifier, despite the hospital being certified baby friendly. He
got used to how the bottle nipple felt in his mouth and he was tough to latch.
The nipple shield mimicked the feel of the nipple and he would latch easier. We
used it for two months before I said forget it, I tired of cleaning these things
and they always fall off. Yeah, it was tender and sore at first but I got over
it quick. Just commit. Don give up.

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The car company has places for 47 apprentices in MINI production plants in
Oxford, Swindon and Hams Hall near Birmingham, in areas including engineering,
IT, finance and logistics, plus 150 openings on its retailer network advanced
apprenticeship scheme in roles including service technician, parts advisor and
body panel/paint.
Transport 27,850 jobs
The group is creating over 500 jobs at The O2, a new luxury hotel opening
later this year in London`s Greenwich, including 350 front and back of house
positions and up to 300 casual roles in events and banqueting. It also has a
range of vacancies, including chefs and food and beverage servers, at existing
hotels around Heathrow Airport.
The company behind many of our top attractions is looking for customer
experience advisors to begin work on February 2 at its call centre in
Chessington, Surrey, answering customers` queries and placing bookings. There
are also jobs on offer at attractions including Thorpe Park and Alton Towers for
a huge range of staff, including retail, catering and entertainments team
members, security officers, ride operators and actors.
???414 opportunities for builders
Merlin Entertainments 200+ jobs
The house building giant is taking on extra workers across the North East as
it prepares to build over 600 new homes in the area, with jobs ranging from
bricklayers, electricians and landscapers to head office support positions.
Openings are also available across the country for graduates on its one year
Accelerated Programmes and two year long Aspire.
Check out our lowdown on roles available on the railways, buses, airlines and
in shipping for tens of thousands of opportunities for workers at all levels
from analysts to administrators, clerks to engineers and labourers to drivers.

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???American Eagle Outfitters
Those rudderless "A name" teen retailers
Specialty retail is set up to see a strong year, according to Jefferies
analyst Randal Konik. The sector enters the year in a better position than in
2014 with inventory clean and the macroeconomic backdrop looking supportive.
Comp sales will lag a string of weak quarters and lower cotton prices will
filter down to the bottom lines of the group, says Konik. during November,
according to yesterday`s CPI report. The drop followed a 0.2% slide in apparel
prices for October. Retail analysts note that a higher mix of e commerce sales
and the lingering promotional haze threaten margin expansion in the sector,
despite overall tighter inventory control. Apparel stocks: KATE, ANN, LULU, PVH,
Specialty retail starts the year with some tailwinds
The better than expected round of reports on holiday sales in the retail
sector has improved the outlook on the profitability of chain stores, according
to RetailDive. Teen Retailers: Out with dark lighting and logo centric marketing
and in with fast fashion and online fulfillment. American Eagle Outfitters
(NYSE:AEO), Aeropostale (NYSE:ARO), and Abercrombie Fitch (NYSE:ANF) are finally
pulling the right levers, according to analysts. Deb`s Shops, Delia`s, and
possibly Wet Seal (NASDAQ:WTSL) won`t be around to make the transition. It`s
Hail Mary time at American Apparel (NYSEMKT:APP). Department stores/specialty
apparel: Smaller store counts and restructuring initiatives could be the theme
in 2015 as mall traffic stays weak. Penney (NYSE:JCP). Gap (NYSE:GPS), Macy`s
(NYSE:M), and Urban Outfitters (NASDAQ:URBN) are viewed as ahead of the curve in
setting their new agenda in place. Soft early comp compares and lower cotton
prices could help lift Zumiez (NASDAQ:ZUMZ), Ann (NYSE:ANN), L Brands (NYSE:LB),
Pacific Sunwear (NASDAQ:PSUN), and Express (NYSE:EXPR). Drugstores 2.0:
Significant changes in the sector have given Walgreen Boots Alliance
(NASDAQ:WBA), CVS Health (NYSE:CVS), and Rite Aid (NYSE:RAD) the room to grab
more market share in healthcare and grocery. than a year ago has helped the
group get off to a good start. Previously: Holiday retail sales something of a
revelation (Jan. 8)
Millennials a tough nut to crack in retail
Shares of Destination Maternity (DEST 7.8%) slide after the company misses
earnings estimates. A frank assessment from the company on a misfire with its
assortment to millennial aged moms to be strikes a bit of a chord across the
apparel and department store sector. Many of the earnings hits and misses this
quarter have been tied to on trend or off trend assortments. A millennial group
which is hard to nail down is becoming a bigger part of that puzzle. Apparel
Uniqlo (OTCPK:FRCOY) reports revenue rose 23% to ($3.25B) in FQ1. Retail
analyst Rahul Sharma points out that the strong numbers from the fast fashion
firm pose a threat in the apparel sector. market (Sep. 18 2014) Related stocks:
Though the departure of Michael Jefferies from Abercrombie Fitch (ANF +6.8%)
isn`t a shocker, the timing of the exit right smack in the middle of the holiday
season is another strong indication that Q4 is shaping up poorly for the
retailer. For those scoring at home, the three "A" teen retailers are
all somewhat adrift now at the top Abercrombie and American Eagles Outfitters
(AEO +1.1%) lack a permanent CEO and Aeropostale (ARO +3%) has a retread in the
position with Julian Geiger back at the helm. Some retail analysts note that
buying in the beat up names is tied more to speculation of activist investors
pushing a P E buyout than a turnaround in fundamentals. A few investment firms
trimmed their price targets on AEO today after digesting the report and outlook.
During the earnings call last night, management noted it has dialed back the
promotional activity this holiday season on its view it has a stronger
assortment. Execs said the search for a new CEO is still going on. Earnings call

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At the heart of the dispute is a conference call in 2013 involving a number of
journalists and producers, in which Lang and Tomlinson reportedly squared off
about the nature of the story, with Lang saying she didn believe it was about
temporary foreign workers.
Lang told the Star that she is specifically denying that she tried kill the
story, that she was hiding a potential conflict of interest and that she
received money from RBC for speaking engagements. received no money from RBC;
that is not in dispute. To say otherwise is an outright falsehood, she told the
Star, acknowledging that RBC was one among many sponsors at some of her speaking
Tomlinson had revealed that an outsourcing firm was being used to replace RBC
employees with temporary foreign workers, an award winning story that sparked
national outrage and changes to the federal government temporary foreign workers
Tomlinson said it was only later that week that she had concerns when she
found out that Lang had been invited to speak at the Centre for Outsourcing
Research Education (CORE), of which iGate was a sponsor. The outsourcing firm
was the employer of the temporary workers at RBC. The bank is a member of CORE.
Lang would ultimately withdraw from the event.
锘緾BC`s Amanda Lang denies she tried to `kill` Royal Bank story
Senior producer Raj Ahluwalia of The National said he had invited Lang to be
on the call because he said he valued her and expertise. He said he never
believed Lang was trying to undermine the story.
Lang didn clear the op ed with CBC managers at the time, telling the Star she
was unaware she had to do so. She said that she some amount of outrage that
(Tomlinson) was accusing me of any kind of conflict that would affect my
The CBC Amanda Lang is denying allegations that she tried to a significant
story on RBC and temporary foreign workers because she appears to have ties to
Canada biggest bank.
disappointing that once again the CBC is more interested in protecting their
celebrity host than in finding out what happened, he said. are substantiated
allegations coming from career journalists at the CBC who we admire and trust.
She said that was a different situation because they were husband and wife.
Tomlinson told the Star she thought the call was because I never spoken to her
before, and it was difficult because she didn know what had gone into the story;
we never discussed it.
Canadaland highlighted that Lang was romantically involved at the time with
RBC board member Geoffrey Beattie Lang confirmed to the Star they are still in a
relationship and that she had given paid speeches at events sponsored by RBC.
Lang said that she is often invited to speak about her book, The Power of Why.
She referred to another Canadaland piece about her ongoing relationship with
Beattie as a level of attack on my personal life, adding that her producers are
aware of her relationship with Beattie. In a statement to staff on Monday, CBC
editor in chief Jennifer McGuire wrote that Lang executive producer in place
appropriate protocols upon learning of her relationship with Beattie.
husband livelihood was from that company and therefore you could infer that, I
suppose, I have a financial relationship with that company, she said. have no
financial relationship with RBC, and there is no conflict that arises because I
am in a relationship with somebody at RBC.
News website Canadaland reported Monday that the public broadcaster senior
business correspondent aggressively within the CBC in April 2013 to the
reporting of investigative journalist Kathy Tomlinson and her Go Public team on
the growing labour controversy at RBC.
has no bearing on my journalism, said Lang. practices that we follow here at
CBC were followed, and there was no decision made at any time that we should
disclose on air.
In a statement on Monday to staff, McGuire wrote that is unfortunate that our
internal processes are fodder for external debate by people who have their own
agendas. there are any concerns about what we put to air, by all means take them
forward and let have a robust discussion. Half truths based on anonymous sources
(are) not going to achieve anything constructive.
problem for me, and I said so at the time, was the perceived conflict of
interest and the impression that that created internally and externally,
Tomlinson said, adding she brought her concerns to management and to Lang.
raised questions about Amanda Lang involvement in the story, questions that had
not been raised before. She said she withdrew because she had written an op ed
piece for the Globe and Mail about outsourcing, and the conference was going to
be about outsourcing. A note from CBC editor in chief McGuire on the CBC
ombudsman website says that the story involving RBC Financial Group, a member of
CORE, and iGate, one of the sponsors of the conference, was prominent news
(Lang) withdrew from the event.
Lang responded that it was normal journalistic debate about the issues
underlying the story.
disagreed that this was a story about an abuse of the temporary worker program
and I thought that issues were being confused, she said. was actually a case of
RBC outsourcing jobs, also a negative story about RBC, but a different story.
She acknowledged that the story nevertheless sparked change to the temporary
foreign workers program.

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