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She also saw some prior personal situations she might care to forget. "I
have sometimes not stuck up for myself, and it plagues me that I can`t go back
and right the wrong. It didn`t result in some lie or con, like it did for
Margaret, but there were definitely situations where I should have stood up for
myself and I didn`t. And then I kind of wanted to go back and do it
The accomplished Adams was meanwhile unfazed by the prospect of playing an
artist. She says she "handled some paint", to make sure she would
"show up on set and be comfortable" (which sounds a tad luvvie like,
when Adams is anything but). "I studied the way Margaret painted and her
relationship with her paintings. I wasn`t naive enough to think that I would
paint like her in the amount of prep time that I had."
That perspective, Adams says, did not include contemplating award prospects
for the role, despite her being one of the most frequently nominated actresses
in recent years. She has five previous Academy Award nominations (for Junebug,
Doubt, The Fighter, The Master and American Hustle), but she has
uncharacteristically little to show from the early stages of 2015`s awards
season a Golden Globe nod for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical aside.
"I can`t control the nominations so I don`t think about that," she
says. "To me, how you connect with an audience is so much more important
than a nomination."
Big Eyes is about a strong mother daughter dynamic flees her first unhappy
marriage with her young child in tow], and Adams insists that her own mother has
been critical to her personal and professional success. "My mother felt
that her choices were very limited. She was raised Mormon, and she and my father
divorced Adams was 12], so she had to find the light for herself and the
confidence to be. She became her own woman, and watching that was amazing. She
became a bodybuilder and she rock climbs and is such a go getter. She has always
pulled me outside of my comfort zone and I appreciate that. She made me rock
climb when I am fearful and a chicken. She would yell at me: `You can do it!`
and I`d be like, `I`m going to scratch my face!` Without her influence, I would
just be paralysed with fear."
The fourth of seven children born to a US air force serviceman and his wife in
Italy, Adams says she was "always a very fearful child. My mother would put
me in gymnastics, which is not a good match for my personality. I was like,
`Oooh, that`s a bad idea, to do a backhand swing on a beam, because you can`t
see the beam.` My mum would say, `Do it!` She also taught me visualisation how
to visualise yourself doing something which I still use."
Family portraits: Amy Adams with Margaret Keane (left), who she plays in Big
Adams took up ballet and continued with it through her teenage years, before
diverting to musical theatre. She moved to Los Angeles in 1999 and struggled
until she won a small but showy role as a nurse whom Leonardo DiCaprio`s lead
character falls hard for, in 2002`s Catch Me If You Can, directed by Steven
Spielberg. It did not prove career changing, however. That was left to 2005`s
Junebug, an indie film which won Adams award nominations almost across the
board, including her first Academy Award nomination.
Amy Adams is slightly embarrassed to admit the reason she demurred when first
offered the role in Tim Burton`s Big Eyes of painter Margaret Keane whose
paintings of big eyed waifs were a cultural phenomenon in Fifties and Sixties
America, but whose husband, Walter, stole all the credit. "When I read the
script, I saw her as more of a victim, as one dimensional," says Adams.
"That`s my fault and not the fault of the script or the writing. It was
just where I was in my life. I was looking to play someone who I felt was more
confident, more grounded."
???Amy Adams on playing painter Margaret Keane in Tim Burton
Burton was thrilled when Adams eventually signed on. "Margaret is quite a
strong character, but in the most quiet, under the radar way. I see that in Amy:
she`s an amazing person and quite shy, but she`s got a real inner strength to
her. And she saw that in Margaret."
Her favourite aspect of finding a character is not necessarily the cerebral
one: "I always enjoy getting into the physicality of the character, and
coming from a dance background, the physical nature of the character has been
something that`s very informative to me."
Adams hopes to imbue that same fearlessness in her daughter. "I think she
is tougher than me already. I am still fearful, so I walk into her room and am
like, `What are five ways you could hurt yourself in this room?` I am the
Does she have any of Margaret Keane`s paintings at home? "I do. She
painted my eye. I have it in my house, and it`s very nice. I also have some
others. Margaret`s original paintings were quite sad because she was painting
what she saw in the world and how she felt. Now when she paints, her subjects
smile, and they`re at peace."
She revisited the script after the 2010 birth of her daughter, Aviana, with
her actor fianc Darren Le Gallo. "When I came back around, I saw Margaret
as a completely different entity as a mother. I was able to identify with her
as a woman in a way that I wasn`t before. lived] in a time when we didn`t speak
out publicly against `our man`. And then I played a character in The Master,
another really powerful woman from the era, who stood behind a man and didn`t
come forward. After that, I felt I understood the era and the beginnings of
feminism, so I saw Margaret from a very different perspective."
In 2016, Batman vs Superman, in which she reprises her role as Lois Lane from
2013`s Man of Steel, will have a high profile release, and Adams will be front
and centre in the media once again. But she is resolutely private. There are few
paparazzi shots of her and her family together, presumably by design.

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"Yeah, it is exciting, great game tonight," Giants manager Bruce
Bochy said. "You know you get down against this club and that bullpen, you
have your work cut out. But these guys didn`t stop fighting. You work hard to
get to this point. You should take it in and love the fact that you`re playing
baseball now. These are exciting games. This was a great ballgame."
In 2014, Dodgers new president Andrew Friedman controlled a total payroll in
Tampa Bay that was $77 million. In 24 hours, Friedman has made trades, coming
and going, involving about $190 million in payroll. Questions of how he would
make the adjustment have been answered.
"You could tell he was on early in the game," an admiring manager
Bruce Bochy said. "He didn`t have any stressful innings. He was strong all
night. When this guy is on it`s fun to watch. He was hitting spots, had great
stuff. Am I surprised? No, this guys is a special kid, talent. We saw this in
2010. He`s pitched so many big games for us. I`m not surprised at all at what he
"He did not grant permission at this particular time," Williams had
said. "There`s White Sox work to be done and I completely understand that.
We have a management team. My level of optimism for this team going into next
year is sky high."
One not so secret weapon that the Giants have looking forward to Wednesday is
the looming shadow of lefthander Madison Bumgarner who has dominated in his two
starts, thus far, and will likely be the first man out of the bullpen for Bochy,
going as far and as hard as he can.
Then, overnight, in a deal that had been rumoured all week, the Dodgers sent
outfielder Matt Kemp to the Padres, with catcher Tim Federowicz for catcher
Yasmani Grandal and right hander Joe Wieland. The Dodgers will pick up a
significant amount of the remaining $107 million in salary.
SAN DIEGO The Cubs` new manager Joe Maddon had been roaming the lobby of the
winter meetings headquarter hotel late Tuesday evening when news emerged that
left hander Join Lester had
"My answer to that is to tell these guys they`re going to go against the
odds, because we`ve done it before," Giants manager Bruce Bochy said.
"You go back to `12 and look at that post season. A lot of people had us
getting beat in the first and second round. This club`s so resilient. They`re so
tough. They`ll put this behind them. You`ve come back against the odds and you
can do it again."
The Dodgers started off by sending second baseman Dee Gordon and right hander
Dan Haren to the Marlins for left hander Andrew Heaney, second baseman Enrique
Hernandez, right hander Chris Hatcher and catcher Austin Barnes. The Dodgers
then sent Heaney to the Angels for second baseman Howie Kendrick. Also still in
the hopper and not officially announced are the free agent signing of right
handed starter Brandon McCarthy for four years and the acquisition of former MVP
shortstop Jimmy Rollins from the Phillies, likely for a package of prospects.
The Red Sox may have mishandled and misread Lester`s situation. They had
drastically low balled him at spring training 2014, heading into his free agent
year, then traded him to Oakland at the deadline, believing they could
repatriate him after the season and come out ahead. They failed.
A total of 11 different Giants recorded at least one hit, but the trio of
players that came up huge included a couple of their big guys, Hunter Pence and
Pablo Sandoval, plus rookie second baseman, Joe Panik, who is competing in the
playoffs like a seasoned veteran. Panik had two doubles and a pair of RBIs,
while the three men combined to go 7 for 14 .500, with three doubles and seven
History projects good news for the Royals. In the most recent group of seven
game series, the winner of Game 6 has gone 9 1 in the last 10 World Series that
have gone the distance. The last two teams to lose Game 6 and bounce back to win
the series were the `97 Marlins against the Indians and the `75 Reds featuring
Carlton Fisk`s dramatic Game 6 homer at Fenway, then losing the next night.
Monday morning about the club`s decision not to allow him to interview for the
CEO job with the Blue Jays, he spoke of work to be done in Chicago. He spoke of
his belief, along with GM Rick Hahn and owner Jerry Reinsdorf, that they could
become contenders again, quickly.
KANSAS CITY As Dorothy kept repeating on her way back to Kansas at the end of
the movie classic, The Wizard of Oz: "There`s no place like home. There`s
no place like home." The Royals proved that in Game 6 on Tuesday, trouncing
the Giants 10 0 at Kaufmann Stadium before a packed house all tangled up in
blue. Okay, technically this is Missouri, but the point is the Royals convincing
victory at home has forced one final chapter in this World Series between two
equally likeable teams. It`s now win, or else go home a loser.
agreed to a reported six year, $155 million contract,
Part of the appeal of Lester has been his starry performance in the harsh
spotlight of the post season, including the World Series. However, the Cubs have
not won a World Series since 1908. Obviously the Cubs are going for it now. They
also signed free agent starter Jason Hammel.
After winning Game 1 in Kansas City, Bumgarner took to the hill at AT Park for
Game 5 on Sunday and shut down the Royals 5 0 becoming the fourth pitcher with
multiple complete game shutouts in one post season, since Division play began in
1969. He joins Orel Hershiser, Josh Beckett and Randy Johnson.
On Saturday, the Giants who had debated about pitching Ryan Vogelsong in Game
4, but did so, overcame his poor outing four runs in 2 2/3 innings to rally
from behind for an 11 4 win over the Royals at AT Park, ensuring the series,
tied 2 2, will head back to Kansas City for a Game 6.
The Giants moved within one victory of a third World Series title in the past
five years. The two teams now travel to Kansas City for Game 6 on Tuesday night.
Certainly, the Giants are in solid position, but fans might want to be reminded
of a similar scenario from the `02 World Series and cringe.
The sensational 25 year old worked seven innings in Game 1 and tossed a
complete game four hit shutout in Game 5 at AT Park. Then in Game 7 on just two
days rest, he entered with a one run lead in the fifth inning and closed it out,
earning the save for Jeremy Affeldt. That`s 2 0, with a 0.43 ERA and a save in
21 innings. There is no way to start a description of this World Series with
anything other than the growing legend of the man they call MadBum.
"There are a lot of similarities in both of our teams," Pence said.
"A lot of guys with free spirits, personalities that get out there and play
the game hard. You see great defence, great baserunning and strong pitching,
strong bullpens. All the things that they always ask us about the strengths of
the Royals, I feel like is our strengths. So this is an extremely fun series to
play in."
Stunning. I have been to 37 straight World Series. There have been moments
like Jack Morris in Game 7 of the `91 Series for the Twins, or Orel Hershiser`s
two dominating wins for the Dodgers in the `88 Series against the A`s, but the
closest to Bumgarner`s performance I have seen is Randy Johnson with the D`backs
in `01, winning Games 3 6, then closing Game 7 to take the win vs. the Yankees.
choosing ex GM Theo Epstein over ex team the Red Sox. There had been four
teams considered by Lester when the day began, but the Giants and Dodgers
announced they were out late in the afternoon, leaving the Cubs and Sox as
SAN FRANCISCO In the space of this one post season, Giants` lefthander Madison
Bumgarner has moved to the top of baseball`s pitching elite and has earned the
right to inherit the nickname Big Game, if he so wanted.
锘緽lue Jays Baseball Blog
"It feels like we`ve definitely won the baseball lottery," a beaming
Maddon told reporters. "Now it`s up to us to put it into effect. It`s all
theory right now. We`ve got to make it real, but you need pieces like this to
make it real. He`s been (to the World Series) before. He understands what it
feels like."

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KUALA LUMPUR: The booming online pharmaceutical industry, and the ease of
having these items delivered to the buyer doorstep, is posing a major challenge
to the Health Ministry efforts to block illegal medicine.
have asked the Customs Department to screen all packages and they are trying
to do it but I think it is quite expensive to put such a system in place.
Dr Subramaniam said the ministry raised this concern to the Customs Department
over a year ago.
锘緽locking illegal medicine a headache for ministry
He added that the Customs Department policy of not screening packages valued
below RM500 made it even easier for unregistered and illegal medication to enter
the country through online purchases.
hope they will be able to do it as soon as possible, he said after opening the
training conference on access to safe medicines here.
are also able to buy online the medication which they would otherwise need a
prescription for.
shipments brought in by companies in bulk are screened, but the problem is
with individual purchases sent by post.
not only puts patients at risk. It is also against the law.
the value is less than RM500, the Customs Department policy is not to screen
the package as the volume of these packages is too high. But for us, this makes
a big difference, he said yesterday.
Earlier in his speech, Dr Subramaniam said the ministry had introduced various
efforts to protect Malaysians from counterfeit and unregistered medicine, such
as introducing the Meditag security hologram on registered medication and
enforcement activities.
These online transactions were invisible and their origins difficult to trace,
said Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam.

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limit my search to /r/funnyuse the following search parameters to narrow your
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3. No Posts for the specific point of it being your reddit birthday.
Cake day posts are not allowed.
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Posts with titles such as "I got banned from /r/___" or "This
got removed from /r/___" are not allowed.
Click for an Example. This includes asking for upvotes.
5. No Politics
2. No posts with their sole purpose being to communicate with another
4. Posts which result in harassment of any individual, subreddit, or other
entity may be removed at the moderators discretion.
This includes pictures of text with irrelevant images that don add context.
Make a self post instead. Example
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Anything involving politics or a political figure. Try /r/politicalhumor
1. No reaction or HIFW posts
We won remove posts where the humor is crappy or unfunny (that a subjective
judgement), but every post must make at least some attempt at humor. Read more
6. No Pictures of just text

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The boost from these brands is undeniably helpful to emerging designers like
those nominated (Fausto Puglisi, Iris van Herpen, Yiqing Yin, tudes Studio, and
Jean Paul Lespagnard round out the list), as is the opportunity to have their
work judged by industry heavyweights like Cond Nast France president Xavier
Romatet and iconic photographer Ellen Von Unwerth. The ANDAM jury will crown
their new fashion star in July.
ANDAM is no slouch when it comes to prize giving. In addition to impressive
monetary compensation (250,000, or $370,400), the winner of this year`s award
will also receive a year of business mentorship from Franois Henri Pinault, the
CEO of Kering the parent company of luxury brands ranging from Gucci to
Balenciaga and 10,000 of Swarovski crystals.
"As one of the younger brands of the group, I am extremely honoured to be
part of such a talented roster of designers who are selected as the finalists
for this year`s ANDAM Award," said Tai when reached for comment only hours
after the announcement was made. "The history and the calibre of
professionals involved speaks volumes about the high level of standards of this
competition. I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to present my work
to such influential and respected individuals."
World MasterCard Fashion Week, also held in Toronto, celebrated "Five
Years of Rad Hourani" in 2012 with a blockbuster closing show that featured
his darkly dramatic designs; Hourani also recently opened a gallery shop in
Montreal, and produces his ready to wear collections in the city.
Canadians can happily lay claim to both Hourani and Tai Tai was born and
raised in Vancouver, and Jordan born Hourani moved to Montreal as a teenager.
Though they have set up businesses in the fashion capitals of London and Paris,
respectively, both designers have maintained a relationship with the country
that helped shape their formative years. Tai has participated in the Toronto
based The Shows for several seasons, revealing his innovative collections to an
eager and proud audience.
A swell of national pride was felt throughout Canada`s fashion community as
Rad Hourani and Steven Tai were among the seven finalists listed today for the
2014 ANDAM Fashion Prize. Now in its 25th year, ANDAM (Association Nationale
pour le Dveloppement des Arts de la Mode) is an initiative of the French
Ministry of Culture, and counts longtime business partner of Yves Saint Laurent,
Pierre Berg, as its president. Martin Margiela was the first winner of the
prestigious prize, and his iconic body of work continues to be coveted by the
style savvy.
锘緾anadian designers Rad Hourani and Steven Tai short

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Equanimity: No drama inducing crossposting of content found in other
subreddits, or vice versa. Likewise, posts found to direct odious influxes here
may be removed.
jump to contentmy subreddits
Grace: No tactless posts generalizing gender. We are a welcoming community.
Rights of all genders are supported here.
Fundraising: No links to fundraising pages, please. My plan is not
grandfathered, not religious affiliated (individual plan I pay), and I have cost
sharing in form of copay. Only $15 copay, but still, I using a template to their
appeals department. Glad groups like this exist. I thought it was strange
nuvaring wasn covered, but just accepted it. I cannot take pill birth control
pill due to my schedule (constantly changing time zones) and visible mental
health issues with the daily spike in hormone AUC values. I really grateful for
groups like this that provide the education and templates/resources to get
nuvaring covered. My plan costs 481/mo and this is the ONLY medication I need.
锘緽irth Control Is Free Under Obamacare
Post all memes and rage comics to /r/TrollXChromosomes.
limit my search to /r/TwoXChromosomesuse the following search parameters to
narrow your results:see the search faq for details.
Relevance: Please submit content that is relevant to our experiences as women,
for women, or about women.
TwoX: It time for another IFF! As always you welcome to post regular content
as well. Please follow reddiquette.
Edit: point being nuvaring has no generic. Therefore should be covered. The
templates really helped me build a solid case that took me 15min to put my claim
in the post. I think the companies are dragging their feet on this.
Images: No direct links to images, except on Image Fest Friday (IFF). To post
an image during the week, do so within a self post and with some added context.

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No such services, however, are planned for drivers (or pedestrians).
I fiddled with the bell (it worked) and the nifty cable that allows the bike
to be locked up away from a parking station.
Needless to say, I breathed a sign of relief when I rolled into the Botanical
Gardens and joined the Bicentennial Bikeway.
Where bike lanes didn`t exist, I made sure I stuck as far left as possible,
but even that was not enough to appease some drivers who insisted on sharing a
lane with me rather than move over one.
锘緽risbane CityCycle Scheme
Council will provide instruction booklets to users when they sign up, as well
as running cycle confidence courses and opportunities to try out the bikes with
a trained rider.
A "Study of one way streets" really is not necessary so long as you
get the concept of ONE WAY! It`s not difficult.
This is also where I managed to stop and figure out how to work the gears. The
subtle handlebar function is actually easier to use than the standard gear
switch just make sure you read the "how to guide" before you take
So it seemed to me that while the public cycle program has all the right
intentions, users and non users alike have plenty to learn to ensure it is
successful and safe.
With `s controversial bike hire scheme set to launch next month, Courtney
Trenwith took one of the new bicycles for a spin around the CBD this morning.
A little bit like the pedestrians who stared at me while we both waited for
the lights to give one of us the go ahead.
I`m not sure whether I was supposed to be in the bus lane on Ann Street, but
any lane that`s closer to the kerb is where I wanted to be. Which causes a
problem when you need to turn right from a two lane road.
One driver swiped past me as I was pulled up at the kerb (no yellow line) and
then proceeded to reverse park, with the rear end of their car nudging within
centimetres of my front tyre. Rude, was all I could think.
Having not personally driven in the CBD, I was not familiar with its maze of
one way streets. It fast became frustrating and added hundreds more peddles to
my trip.
Bike buddies will be on hand at many of about 50 initial parking stations at
the beginning of the roll out, on October 1.
Jumping on one of City Council`s new CityCycle bikes I felt comfortable with
the weight, size and manoeuvrability. Photo: Katherine Feeney
A person feels small enough being stopped on a bike surrounded on two sides by
cars, let alone feeling the inquisitive stare of onlookers standing barely a
metre away.
Back on the road, it became clear city drivers also have a lot to learn. For
example, dropping off a passenger in a bike lane (which includes a yellow, no
stopping, marking) can really cause a drama for cyclists.
I`ve ridden a bike many a time but today I learnt there`s a huge difference
between cycling in suburbia and the city.
Car drivers dont need a confidence course as they have done their
"confidence course", its called a license.

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Some students from mainland China said they arranged their accommodations in
Canada through Peter Low, director of the Concordia China Student Recruitment
Partner program, and were promised furnished rooms and meals."Some of them
don`t get enough food. Their access to hot water and use of kitchen are
restricted, and they can`t have visitors," Nadine Atallah, vice president
of Concordia`s Undergraduate Students` Association, said at a protest in
Montreal this week."In one incident, a student was accused of stealing
forks, knives and cups, and had to pay the landlord $150. After she paid, the
landlord said more went missing and asked her for $1,240 or (to) get
out."Nadia Hausfather, of the university`s Graduate Students` Association,
believes these are systemic problems that are growing as Canadian universities
increasingly turn to recruitment agents to help them compete in the lucrative
international education market."We were shocked by their stories, but we
were not surprised," said Hausfather, because there is a "general
negligence of the well being of international students."Such concerns
recently prompted the regulatory body that governs immigration consultants to
issue an open letter to Canadian colleges and universities about using third
party recruiters."It has come to our attention that foreign students are
often victims of abuse and improper advice. Either they are being coerced into
purchasing airline tickets at a higher fee, or they are threatened and
intimidated by agents," wrote the Immigration Consultants of Canada
Regulatory Council."We would encourage all Canadian institutions to be
cautious of the type of practices their agents are engaged in."The home
stay issue at Concordia came to light when three Chinese students sought help
from the university`s housing and job bank. Then came a damning article in the
campus paper, The Link, detailing how a first year finance major from China was
"taken for a ride."The Chinese student told the paper that, for $900 a
month, he shared a crowded home stay with 12 other people, "where
breakfast, lunch and dinner were two slices of bread sometimes with margarine
or a hot dog."Lydia Li, a first year management student from Shanghai, told
the Star she paid $900 a month to share a house with a family of three and two
other students one from China, the other from Mexico."There`s only a bed
in the room, no chair or desk. We didn`t even have a lock on our doors. All we
had were sandwiches with jam," said Li, who moved out on her own in
October."We don`t know where to complain. No one is taking responsibility
and we feel betrayed by Concordia."However, Concordia spokesperson
Christine Mota said no international students had complained to the
administration about these issues.In response to the campus article and
inquiries from the student bodies, the university last month sent a letter to
all 5,200 international students and asked them to contact the Dean of Students
to share their experience.Only two people responded, Mota said. But Li said
international students fear repercussions and deportation if they speak out.Mota
said the administration plans to create virtual and on site orientation
sessions, in Mandarin, Arabic, Farsi and other languages, that will include
information on housing and their rights as tenants. It will also make available
a Mandarin version of the pre departure guide for foreign students.Mota stressed
that Low, owner of the Vancouver based Orchard Consultants Ltd., is not a
Concordia employee, but a contractor who represents the school at international
education fairs and marketing seminars. Low recruits exclusively for
Concordia."Concordia has been helped considerably with external recruiting
services and could not have had the same outreach in China and success without
this support. Many major Canadian universities make use of external recruitment
services," Mota said."Orchard Consulting offers, independently of the
university, the option of applying to live in a home stay, which is a service
that students contract for through (the company). Concordia neither receives,
collects, remits nor pays any funds for this service."However, Li said she
and other Chinese foreign students were under the impression that Low, the
recruiter, was a Concordia employee because of his Concordia email address and
the fact that they did not have to pay him an administrative fee for arranging
the home stay.Both of Concordia`s student bodies have asked the Canadian Bureau
for International Education to investigate whether Concordia has violated the
body`s code of ethics.
锘緾oncordia University students want probe of foreign

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By the way, I don`t know who set it up, but it was a genius move having state
Attorney General administer the oath of office to for his second term as
lieutenant governor.That pairing put a quick damper on the speculation that
they`re potential competitors for Boxer`s seat or the governor`s job. It`s hard
to make a story about a feud with an image like that on file.Mayor may have made
the right pick in as the new supervisor for District Three, but he did it the
wrong way.I`ve always been a believer in making appointments as quickly as
possible. Conducting months of interviews with numerous candidates may make you
feel more secure in your final choice, but it also leads to multiple candidates
knocking on your door and multiple friends lobbying on their behalf. The longer
the decision takes, the more people will be disappointed.Better to close the
door before the first calls come in and say, "I would have loved to
consider you, but I didn`t know you were interested and I`ve already committed
to someone else."After years in political limbo, former Assemblywoman is
back, having been elected to the state .It`s not the biggest office, but you
wouldn`t have known that from her swearing in at the South Light Court at City
Hall on Tuesday.The whole back wall was decorated in gubernatorial blue. They
had the flags, the uniformed honor guards and the national anthem. California
Chief Justice Tani Gorre Cantil Sakauye administered the oath of office. Mayor
Ed Lee, state Controller and Treasurer were all there.Ma`s mentor, state
Chairman , would have been there, but he`s not feeling all that well these
days.There was a most generous outpouring of support for the other night at
Spruce restaurant in Laurel Heights. An auction, presided over by President ,
raised more than $300,000.One item was an in home dinner for eight, cooked by
chef . There were two bids for it one for $12,000 and one for $13,000.Buell
persuaded Sullivan to do two dinners if each bidder paid $12,500, bringing in a
total of $25,000.I don`t know what Uber is up to, but it has flooded the streets
with drivers. There are now more Uber cars than customers.Wednesday night, I was
picked up by an Uber driver in an SUV. It wasn`t his. He said he was working for
a guy who had contracted with Uber to provide 20 SUVs. He gets paid by the
contractor and is barely making ends meet."I`ve been waiting an hour for
just one ride," he told me, "and many of the other drivers are having
the same experience."
锘緾onsider Jerry Brown as a replacement for Barbara Boxer

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Many of the looks that Men portray in media take 1000x more time and effort
than many of the female looks portrayed. Many of the women are just very thin
and don`t eat much. Yes, albeit often too thin, but other than a diet and light
exercise that doesn`t take much. Many of the normal men`s physiques would take
many years and countless hours in the gym, toss in steroids, etc. and it`s
similar (just opposite) of women`s media. Look at a lot of these movie actors.
Chris hemsworth, the rock, all the guys from 300, etc. how often do you hear a
guy say he wants to get a physique like Steve carell?
Apparently his lawyers got a hold of the newspaper article and shut it down
and forced a retraction. Then supposedly his personal trainer stepped forward to
tell the world that JB is a well endowed guy. I wonder how much that cost the
Bieber camp.
The problem is the picture shown there is the AFTER photo. Before photos
hopping his arms, chest, butt, and package were all smaller.
Also, based on a quick search of other recent JB images online, it looks like
his gym routine also somehow doubled the size of his wang.
It wouldn`t surprise me if it`s shopped. Something looks off about some of the
proportions. That`s pretty normal for shopped pictures. A lot of people do a
poor job correcting for proportions when they make modifications. They`ll expand
or shrink a body part, but the body part doesn`t stay true to shape or
proportion to the rest of the body. Ralph Lauren ads are almost an industry
standard for odd proportions courtesy of Photoshop not sure about CK though.
Maybe they use the same agency.
锘緽ieber photoshopped for CK ad
He`s not 15 anymore and I`m sure he`s bulked up a little and may even work
out, as most celebrities do. Don`t know about the butt. Don`t know why they
would airbrush rather than pad his rear if it`s too skinny.
I don`t believe the article`s observations. It may very well have some air
brushing (just like ALL the photos taken of female models and celebrities), but
I wouldn`t describe his body as "hulking muscles". He has muscle and
good tone but he`s not big and beefy.
He`s not 15 anymore and I`m sure he`s bulked up a little and may even work
out, as most celebrities do. Don`t know about the butt. Don`t know why they
would airbrush rather than pad his rear if it`s too skinny.
I don`t believe the article`s observations. It may very well have some air
brushing (just like ALL the photos taken of female models and celebrities), but
I wouldn`t describe his body as "hulking muscles". He has muscle and
good tone but he`s not big and beefy.

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The brand belongs to the exclusive club of watchmakers (such as Vacheron
Constantin, Patek Philippe, Ulysse Nardin) who develop new movements and
complications; no more than a dozen companies today can say they continue to
explore the field of mechanical micro engineering. In a somewhat ironic turn,
it`s the use of computer power that allows to calculate and simulate the
disposition of various and multiple parts in the watches.
spectrum of the watchmaker`s efforts, from strictly traditional toVilleret
consists of classic, visually
Click thumbnail to view full size
Blancpain Swiss LuxuryEstablished in 1735, Blancpain today is one of the
oldest and most respected companies that make mechanical watches. Blancpain is
both a Swiss and global name, and its timepieces are sought for by collectors,
connoisseurs and people who appreciate fine things all coming from different
parts of the world. The brand`s intense focus on high end luxury watches makes
it one of the leading manufacturers in the field, a title that is conveniently
backed by almost three hundred years of tradition.
锘緽lancpain Swiss Luxury Watches Reviews
Blancpain website makes stress on function rather than visual elaboration a
viable and, in a way, also a desirable departure. There is one window that
effectively accommodates everything; classic black and white color scheme
ensures a smooth browsing experience that is almost entirely focused on the
watches. These collections cover the entire
There is something nostalgic (and paradoxical) in the way in which digital
innovation is being utilized to serve an essentially old technology. This
predicament also serves to demonstrate a point: Blancpain values tradition, yet
will approach it with a fresh, new attitude.
Philosophy and WebsiteBlancpain insistently compare their watches even
separate movement parts to works of art, and watchmaking itself to an artistic
process. It becomes clear why upon reading the company`s philosophy manifest,
and discovering about the amounts of research, devotion and painstaking labor
invested in each and every timepiece. Considering this dedication, it was
inevitable that the skill of the watchmakers, engravers, jewelers and other
professionals arose to the level art, or artistry at the least.
See all 5 photos

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Kliknite na tla膷idlo n谩strojovej li拧ty 脷vod do pou啪铆vania widgetov
na spustenie sprievodcu.
锘縑zory widgetov n谩jdete vo verejnom katal贸gu a na wiki str谩nkach
Notes a Domino.
Pozn谩mka: Tento proces predpoklad谩, 啪e ste u啪 vytvorili a podp铆sali
obsah aktualiza膷nej lokality funkcie a 啪e m谩te spr谩vne nakonfigurovan媒
s煤bor site.
Pozn谩mka: Pou啪itie tohto sprievodcu je riaden茅 rovnak媒mi nastaveniami
politiky Domino pou啪it媒mi na povolenie vytvorenia v拧etk媒ch typov
widgetov 鈥?com.
Pozn谩mka: Distribu膷n媒 widget nem么啪ete vytvori钮 pomocou sprievodcu
Konfigurova钮 widget z aktu谩lneho obsahu.
T谩to proced煤ra je navrhnut谩 pre v媒voj谩rov aplik谩ci铆,
opr谩vnen媒ch u啪铆vate木ov a administr谩torov.

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锘縏he Vietnam war was not lost in Vietnam it was lost at home.
The exact same slippery slope, sponsored by the US media, is currently well
underway in regards to the War on Terror, and the conflict in Iraq and
Giap`s writings expose the enormous power of a biased media to cut out the
heart and will of the American people.
For he today that sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother.
Copy and paste either one of these you tube links to see some video of the
Platoon in 1969 My Thanks to Bill Lindelof and Jesse Valdez for sending us the
films st s.
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.

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What is the opportunity gap that obama mentioned in his speech? Is it
factually correct that so much emphasis is placed on race and ethnicity when
锘縟escribe step to ensure success with the extension of the business
Do you consider your life a success?
What the best, fastest, most efficient way of testing a new business, product
or service idea to ensure that it viable? Generating ideas for a new business,
product or service is only the first step in having a.
I have to write a market analysis and competitors analysis on a home
improvement can anyone help me out please. I want to do a market researsh that
will include the marketing analysis and the competitios.
What all have you personally done or anyone you know has done to legitimately
make money online or real life? basically tell . I am purely curious and also
always seeking out opportunities myself. please do not try to.
I had jobs that paid well. I also had several business that I did well with
but now it seems my life is no longer successful. It seems the older you get the
smaller the window of opportunity. 2008. I invested initially approx. 270,000
and a co investor from abroad the same a total of approx. 540,000. The co
investor was supposed to collect. Please help ASAP thanks and god bless. Thank
Need hep with describing the steps used in the coffee company case study this
the company took to ensure success with the ext. Utilizing the framework of a
market opportunity analysis, describe step to ensure success.

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"It is what manually a traffic policeman does. It will allow vehicles to
pass in the street as long as there is traffic on it, and then after clearing
it, he switches to the other street at the junction," he said.
"We don have to replace the existing system, just add the cameras to it,
which are linked to the central control room, where an automation software
guides the traffic lighting system. Plus, the cameras add to security cover
too," Kaushik said.
Explaining the system further, he said, "System at each traffic junction
would be automated and linked to the main control room sitting at the Delhi
Police Department office. So, while each of the junctions would talk to the
control room, they would not talk to each other, making it a centralised system.
The cameras would send footage to the control room which would be analysed by
the software to get a sense of the traffic pattern. Intelligence signals from
the control room will then be sent to succeeding junctions to maintain a smooth
flow," he added.
"As per this intelligent traffic system, at any given junction, a system
of CCTV cameras will gather footage of traffic inflow and the change in the
colour of the traffic light would be based on actual volume of traffic and
volume of pedestrian traffic, and not timer based," Kaushik said.
Onnyx, the city based technology firm, which is operating and managing the
traffic system in the city for Delhi government said a "live demonstration
system" has already been set up at a prominent intersection in Lutyen
"So, let say if one is travelling across the Yamuna river, and there are
three roads ahead, so a VMS board will indicate, say with a deep red colour on
the route map, as to which of the three path is clogged and a light colour will
signify thinner traffic," he said.
Besides, the national capital Onnyx manages traffic system in Calcutta, Jammu,
Srinagar, Indore among others.
"While the traditional traffic lighting system costs Rs 8 10 lakh, with
the additional four camera at a four point intersection, the system would cost
about Rs 10 12 lakh," Kaushik said.
"We already have a sensor based and vehicle actuated system in place in
Mumbai, where a magnetic loop counts the number of vehicles passing and makes a
smart decision for traffic flow accordingly," Technical Support Engineer at
CMS, Vishnu Vishwanath here said.
Intelligent traffic lighting system which responds to volume of vehicular and
pedestrian traffic is likely to be soon introduced in the national capital as
the Delhi government is contemplating upgrading its existing traffic
infrastructure in line with the needs of a smart city.
The system he said, replicates the human intelligence, but instead of a
traffic policeman, "we want the system to do the job".
Kaushik said, the system does not necessitate that only vehicles have priority
over pedestrians. "In fact, the system gauges the nature of traffic
pattern, both vehicular and pedestrian and if it sees a big collection of people
near the zebra crossing, it will give precedence to pedestrians."
In case of heavy traffic jams, our software, integrated with the variable
messaging system (VMS), will display on VMS boards, colour based signals to
alert people about the nature of traffic volume ahead.
锘緿elhi to be the first city in India to get smart traffic lights
"We have already set up a live demonstration system at the junction of K
G Marg and Ferozshah Road here. It been three months now and the Delhi Traffic
Police Department has responded positively to the idea, and a pilot project
based on the new system may be started soon," CEO, Onnyx, Jitendra Kaushik
told PTI.
Onnyx and Delhi Traffic Police Department both participated in the recently
held 4th Traffic Infra Tech Expo 2015, and Secretary of Urban Development
Shankar Aggarwal also interacted with the company senior officials on the lines
of requirements and cost effectiveness of setting up intelligent traffic
lighting as needed for a smart city.
The company, which won the contract about two and a half years ago for the
city, said, "Delhi has 1,278 traffic signal points and the idea is to
upgrade the existing systems by installing a unit of cameras at each
Mumbai based IT firm CMS Computers, which was earlier managing the traffic
system in Delhi, said, the company has already made operational a vehicle
actuated traffic lighting system in the financial capital of India.

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KENYON: The sheer size of the demand also suggests, to Riad Kawhaji with the
Dubai based Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis, that ISIS,
widely considered the best financed militant force in the region, is having
revenue problems thanks to falling oil prices and the aerial onslaught of the
anti ISIS coalition.
NPR transcripts are created on a rush deadline by a contractor for NPR, and
accuracy and availability may vary. This text may not be in its final form and
may be updated or revised in the future.
The Japanese government is facing a ransom demand of $200 million for the
lives of two Japanese men held hostage by the self described Islamic State. The
demand was made in a video posted online in which a hooded fighter gave Japan 72
hours to come up with the money. NPR`s Peter Kenyon reports.
TABLER: Essentially, the corollary to that is let Syria burn because the war
there is raging. There`s no sign of a victor on one side or the other, only in
parts of the country. So Syria is going to be the black hole around which this
storm rotates for the coming period. And a lot of dangers can come out of that
part of the world.
RIAD KAWHAJI: Alliance air raids have hurt a lot of their oil refineries and
fields. And, therefore, they will be now quite hungry for any funds.
ANDREW TABLER: I think it makes it much less like. ISIS is drawing a direct
correlation between Japan state policy and the safety of its two citizens. In a
way, it`s putting the government of Japan into a dilemma and trying to exact a
public cost.
KENYON: The possibility that ISIS is looking for money shouldn`t necessarily
be interpreted to mean the tide is turning in favor of the coalition, however.
Analyst Andrew Taber says, despite the airstrikes, ISIS now controls as much
territory in Iraq and Syria as ever, and Washington`s decision to stick with an
Iraq first policy in combating ISIS does not bode well for Syria in 2015.
PETER KENYON, BYLINE: The video, which is being examined for authenticity, has
some echoes of previous ISIS hostage videos. Two Japanese men kneel in orange
jumpsuits in front of a black clad, hooded militant with a British accent,
brandishing a knife. He criticizes Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for
contributing $200 million in nonmilitary assistance to the anti ISIS coalition
and says Japan now has three days to send the same amount of money to ISIS to
spare the lives of its citizens. Although the two hostages share Japanese
nationality, their paths to this point were very different. Accounts of 42 year
old Haruna Yukawa`s recent past by the Associated Press and the Reuters news
agencies paint a picture of devastating family and economic losses back in
Japan, leading him to contemplate suicide before reinventing himself as a
private security consultant who headed to Syria. 47 year old Kenji Goto, on the
other hand, is a freelance journalist who has worked in a number of conflict
zone and whose reports have focused on refugees, children and the impact of war.
Andrew Tabler, senior fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy,
says the dramatic and very public circumstances of this unusually high ransom
demand suggest that it`s unlikely to be paid.
???200 Million Ransom For Japanese Hostages
KENYON: Peter Kenyon, NPR News, Istanbul. No quotes from the materials
contained herein may be used in any media without attribution to NPR. This
transcript is provided for personal, noncommercial use only, pursuant to our
Terms of Use. Any other use requires NPR`s prior permission. Visit our
permissions page for further information.

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How low can the dollar go? Trader and a hedge fund manager, dennis gartman,
noted that "the rout of the us dollar.
???20 dollar bill
I have a star note 1 dollar bill with serial number 00000525 does it have
value more than a dollar? From 1998. Why is it listed as such? I my mind the
dollar should be a whole number and the other currencies listed. What is a rough
estimate of its value now. One was people writing on the dollar bill to track it
to see where it goes in the US. I was just wondering if it is technically legal
to write on dollar.
What is your favorite thing to buy or are interested in when you visit a
dollar store? I actually really like dollar stores because things are cheap and
you can find some big dollar.
I have money bills that i would like to find values for. can anyone help me? I
have 2 1977a dollar bills, 3 1969a dollar bills, 1969b dollar bill and 1963b
dollar bill,.
What my dollar bill worth

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If tires are significantly better on the FWD than the 4x4 than the FWD is a
better choice. Traction downhill, and on turns is a bigger safety concern.
???70 Travel advice
Great answer. To /u/mango_lives you find some people that try to scare the
shit out of you about driving on I 70. But if you from a snowy midwestern state
fact is you probably drive on snow and worse as much as those who live in the
mountains of Colorado. The I 70 passes are not particularily heinous if you keep
in mind that weather can and does change frequently. Passes in SW Colorado, and
on smaller roads (Berthoud pass, Loveland pass on US6, not the tunnel) are much
more difficult. Just keep the following in mind:
limit my search to /r/COsnowuse the following search parameters to narrow your
results:see the search faq for details.
Go slow, leave lots of space. These are the two things that cause the most
slow downs / accidents on I 70.
jump to contentmy subreddits
Most importantly travel outside of peak hours whenever possible. Even if you
face bad conditions they will be ten times easier if you aren dealing with a
bunch of us front rangers who think we superior drivers. No Friday after work
going west, no Sunday afternoon coming home.
All else being equal, awd/4x4 is handy for going up hills.
All of us are just giving opinions. For reference mine is from someone who
lived in Chicago/Iowa/Minnesota for numerous years, and has now done the Front
Range ski commute (30 40 days per year) for a few years without incident; first
in a FWD Saturn, now in an AWD Astro van, both with all seasons.

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???40 Korean foods we can`t live without
Made from a beef broth, with cabbage, bean sprouts, radish and chunks of
congealed ox blood, the deeply satisfying taste does wonders to kick start your
sluggish brain in the morning.Chungjinok has been making haejang guk since 1937,
so they must be doing something right. 24 Jongno 1 ga, Seoul (, 1 24 ); +82 2
735 1690The most popular "Kim" in Korea.2. Kimchi ()Dating to the
Shilla Dynasty (approximately 2,000 years ago), kimchi is the beloved spicy
sidekick at every Korean table. It`s made by salting and preserving fermented
cabbage in a bed of pepper, garlic, ginger and scallion.Feeling adventurous?
Exchange your regular red cabbage kimchi for ggakdugi (chopped radish kimchi), a
popular side at gimbaprestaurants. Yeolmumul kimchi is a less spicy kimchi made
with young radish stalks floating in a tangy soup.For a selection of handmade
kimchi, try online kimchi sellers Real Kimchi.3. Soft Tofu Stew ()Soft tofu,
clams and an egg in spicy broth? This popular stew is a classic example of
unexpected flavor combinations yielding delightful sensations.The soft tofu
which breaks into fluffy chunks in the stew holds the flavor of the clam and
serves as a relief from the overall spiciness.Proper sundubu jjigae comes in a
traditional earthenware pot designed to retain heat. The egg is cracked into the
stew after serving, and cooks inside the bowl.Jaesun Sikdang has the Korean
blogosphere buzzing with appreciation for its ambitious menu: four types of
sundubu jjigae, all for less than 6,000. 182 3 Nonhyun 1 dong, Gangnam gu (, 1
182 3); +82 2 514 3864So juicy and fatty, you won`t even need condiments.4.
Samgyeopsal ()The best part of eating in a samgyeopsal restaurant is the
atmosphere a rollicking party punctuated by soju shots, pork strips sizzling
on a grill and shouts for "one more serving, please!"Served with
lettuce, perilla leaves, sliced onions and raw garlic kimchi, it`s smudged in
ssamjang (a mix of soybean paste called `doenjang` and chili paste called
`gochujang`) or salt and pepper in sesame oil.5. Jjajangmyeon ()Although
originally a Chinese dish, Koreans have taken the noodles and created a thicker,
yummier version that holds only a vague resemblance to its Chinese predecessor.
(Think of New Yorkers and the wonders they`ve done with pizza.)It would not be
an understatement to say Korean diets would not be the same without this dish
most Koreans eat it at least once a week, and have their favorite jjajangmyeon
delivery shop on speed dial.Yangjagang, 660 15 Sinsa dong, Gangnam gu (, 660
15); +82 2 543 22336. Chimaek ()Chimaek, short for "chicken, maekju
(beer)" is actually not a dish, but an institution. This glorious pairing
features two surprisingly mundane foods: fried chicken and beer.Neither half,
chicken nor beer, is particularly remarkable on its own. But their popularity as
a joint entity demonstrates a glorious combination devoured by millions of
Koreans every weekend.The Frypan in Sinchon takes chimaek very seriously: 2 2
Changcheon dong, Seodaemun gu, Seoul ( , 2 2); +82 2 393 7707

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