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It is a bit of extra work, but you could fashion some kind of wire mesh in a
wooden frame to go on top of the tank, I eventually added one to mine for the
peace of mind.
Anyway, I sure your hammy will be happy with such a big home to explore and
different environments to explore, it looks great too!
limit my search to /r/hamstersuse the following search parameters to narrow
your results:see the search faq for details. Tributes and memorials are fine.
For hamster FAQ/Hamster 101: Visit
jump to contentmy subreddits
锘緽uilt a new cage IKEA hack and picking up a ham tomorrow
With the large open space it actually became very easy to do spot cleaning,
whereas within a cage I found it a lot of hassle to take apart all the levels to
reach the places where my hammy was making mess.
Be nice! The reported items are checked daily. Unkind comments/posts will be
deleted, and repeat offenders banned.
Hamster Hideout or Hamster Central.
For this months photo competition, visit here.
Please have fun whilst you are with us, and feel free to ask for any help
about your hammy buddy!I had an open top home for my hamster for a while too, he
never tried to escape but I always worried, especially when he got more active
after settling in and grew bigger.
Please make sure to check the sidebar before posting basic/starter questions.

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I would like I remembered even more but I was young and i have a very lousy
memory. Though the foods amount counts toward the park admission, so it form of
equals out a bit, don remember accurately how. The perfect matter to me was the
salad/meat bar thing, some really good seafood and healed meats. They usually
experienced seriously beneficial mineral water, only slightly bubbly. The
program was a tiny bit official for my style. There a awesome cage elevator
towards important flooring that overlooks the sq.. Meals was decent but
unimaginably overpriced, everybody else there was abundant. You can find booze I
believe. Interesting footage, neat piano, great cold/charcuterie bar, some
Disney animal stuff. Primarily a relic of a a variety of age. My roommate
labored at Club 33 previously they current their uniforms. She was beautiful,
leggy and blonde and had to dresss up like a French maid day by day, when using
the poofy crinoline brief skirts. It fine to observe they dropped individuals;
it had been considered one of the final big vestiges of Disney misogynistic
legacy. She done monster ideas nevertheless! For the time I think it had been
about 10K a year to affix. Michael Jackson was their most famed member. He was
fine friends with Disney daughter. The doorway is right in the vicinity of
wherever Mickey and Minnie appear right down to see the group (twenty minutes on
phase, then they have 20 minutes off stage).
Waiters dress in official apparel.
It definitely appears like a special community you come outside of the club.
You should really don`t submit screenshots of a Wikipedia website page,
website link to your precise variation inside the model heritage rather. Posts
linking to the screenshot is going to be eliminated.
For 6 individuals our tab was in excess of $700. 3 of us ended up
"kids". I used to be like 14 additionally, the two many people have
been like twelve.
You employ the speaker from the top secret door and after that the door is
opened and there is similar to a secretary at a desk who greets you and receives
your data and ushers you about the next ground.
Club 33 is a personal club situated in the guts belonging to the New Orleans
Sq. area of Disneyland
jump to contentmy subreddits
restrict my lookup to /r/wikipediause the following search parameters to
narrow your end results:see the search faq for information. Anything else more
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limit my lookup to /r/PoliticalDiscussionuse the subsequent research
parameters to narrow your success:see the look for faq for particulars.
Submitting resources to offer history or supporting important information for
ones submission is welcome, but do not circumvent text only submissions simply
by submitting the hyperlink inside textual content box, or copy/pasting material
from an outside source.
2. A fully rationalized conception in the long-lasting results of the
resolution to urbanize by labor.
Content material of submissions and opinions:
Generally speaking, should your submission doesn check with a matter, it
likely would not belong below.
one. Cost-free selection of labor relating to where by they reside and the
things they decide as employment.
Listed here you could see the great drop in arable land. For numerous,
agriculture isn`t any for a longer time an option. You must also contemplate
govt policies encouraging urbanization in countries like Chine and India.
Continue to keep it civil. You should not personally insult other Redditors,
or make racist, sexist, homophobic, or or else discriminatory remarks.
Constructive discussion is sweet; identify contacting will not be.
Next, you can find facts asymmetries from the overall economy. People don
know, whenever they taking into account a decision, every last likely outcome.
They may go on the town interested in various work, this doesn`t suggest their a
lot better off for the reason that of it.
Violators will undoubtedly be fed for the bear. The bear is hungry and non
ChewyLouis feedback on Can we talk about Libertarianism
Combat your individual battles. You should never develop submissions
requesting material to again up your posture on an outside argument (ie My
father is actually a staunch conservative, can Reddit deliver me product to
prove him inappropriate?). This comes with asking for help with homework or
independent investigate.
Do not submit decreased expense posts/comments. This subreddit is for real
dialogue. Minimal work posts/comments shall be eliminated per moderator
Neither of such are necessarily genuine.
soar to contentmy subreddits
Please use your strength to upvote high quality submissions and opinions, and
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toddler conflicts review with that of ameliorating conflicts with passionate
When your LGBTQ kid was forced to interrupt up with their romantic associate
as a result of their lover mom and dad did not approve of LGBTQ interactions,.
How can I resolve conflict involving my spouse and oldsters?
My dad and mom consistently have conflicts with each other. What may want to I
do?What exactly are your obligations to your self, all your family members, your
pals and also to the society along with the country at substantial? How can you
balance lifespan using these responsibilities?Is it a bad approach to require
funding for just a startup from relatives?If relatives and buddies can respond
to my deepest concerns, how are people today on Quora in a position to do so?How
can I get my dads and moms to be familiar with that my succeed is private even
inside the corporate?Exactly what is the greatest present that a mother or
father can provide to their small children?Do Western dad and mom actually throw
their children away from your home whenever they convert eighteen? If that is
so, why?Just what is it love to be elevated by a narcissist?Should a person who
would like to initiate a family interact with adult females aged 22 30,
considering that most women 30+ in now community can have emotional hangups and
become tired of setting up a spouse and children, a lot more vocation targeted,
and so on?

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3. No Posts to the specified point of it getting your reddit birthday.
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Chest hair is satisfaction
This includes photographs of textual content with irrelevant photos that don
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Everything involving politics or possibly a political figure. Try out
/r/politicalhumor rather.
Click on for an Instance. This consists of asking for upvotes.
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5. No Politics
Posts with titles this kind of as "I obtained banned from /r/___" or
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The trial will reportedly begin in the coming months and Ashton will
reportedly be called as a witness.
"He slashed Ms. Ellerin`s throat so violently nearly decapitated
her," the docs claim.
In an interview on 48 Hours Mystery, Ellerin`s friends revealed how she got
close to Kutcher.
The Two and a Half Men star is reportedly expected to testify in the trial
against Michael Thomas Gargiulo, who stands accused of murdering Ashton`s then
girlfriend Ashley Ellerin.
Ellerin was just 22 when she was killed on February 21st in 2001 and 14 years
later, Ashton could be set to give evidence in the case against the alleged
serial killer, who is accused of murdering four victims.
It what sounds like a horrific twist in a Hollywood film, actor Ashton Kutcher
could be called as a witness against an alleged serial killer, according to a
new report.
Court documents, obtained by The National Enquirer, reportedly reveal that
Ellerin was in the shower before being stabbed 47 times.
The actor was reported to have given evidence at the time of Ellerin`s death,
having arrived at 10:45 to go out together but she never answered the calls.
???alleged killer in court trial
In the show, which aired in 2012, it was reported that Ashton told police that
he looked into windows and saw what he thought was wine on the floor and left
before her body was discovered by her flatmate the following day.
"We had hung out with him a couple of times, you know," her pal
Justin Peterson said. "And, you know, they had. maybe gone out on a couple
dates, or whatever."
While close friend Chris Duran added: "I knew they were gonna be hanging
out, going to a Grammy party. He was] pickin` her up to take her to a
Gargiulo moved from Chicago to Los Angeles and lived just 400 feet from
Gargiulo also stands accused of the murder of Maria Bruno, who had moved into
a home just 100 feet from him shortly before she was killed on December 1, 2005.

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Posting, or seeking, any identifying personal information will result in a ban
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will be removed. more >>
Askreddit is not your soapbox, personal army, or advertising platform. more
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Askreddit is for open ended discussion questions. more >>
Any post asking for advice should be generic and not specific to your
situation alone. more >>
???amster comments on What is the strangest way you were sheltered as a child
limit my search to /r/AskReddituse the following search parameters to narrow
your results:see the search faq for details. Any context or clarification should
be posted in the text box.
Mods reserve the right to remove content or restrict users posting privileges
as necessary if it is deemed detrimental to the subreddit or to the experience
of others. more >>
Soliciting money, goods, services, or favours is not allowed. more >>
Any answers to the question, including your own, should go in the comments as
a reply to your own post. more >>

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But only slightly. Council members, the mayor and other officials still would
get a full 10.3 percent increase in their salaries, but the city would phase
them in over the next two years, rather than all at once.
"Anybody who wants to run for council is at least not hindered by the
salary," said Peggy Lehmann, who`s leaving the council in July. "So it
opens the field for anybody who wants to be part of City Council."
锘緿enver City Council gives initial OK to 10
But Lehmann said constituents get good value and service for salaries that
total less than one tenth of 1 percent of the city`s $1.7 billion operating
The proposed salary hike is the maximum allowed under a city formula that
takes into account inflation and city employees` raises in the previous four
The council has reached consensus more quickly than it did in 2011, when
Hancock was among the members running for mayor. The increases would apply to
council members, the mayor, the auditor, and the clerk and recorder. A final
vote is set for next Monday.
After proposed raises topping 10 percent for Denver elected officials met with
public outcry and concerns from some City Council members council president
Chris Herndon softened the proposal Monday.
favor (8): Albus Brooks, Chris Herndon, Robin Kniech, Peggy Lehmann, Paul
Lopez, Chris Nevitt, Debbie Ortega and Mary Beth Susman.
Mayor Michael Hancock, who has returned recent salary increases, hasn`t
weighed in publicly. Spokeswoman Amber Miller said the mayor, a former
councilman, knows the issue put council members in a tough spot, but "he is
satisfied they are giving the matter thoughtful consideration."
Council members, for instance, make $83,332, well above the $57,460 paid to
the average Denver government employee, according to Colorado Department of
Labor and Employment figures.
So far, 53 candidates have filed initial paperwork to run in the May 5
Though the council quickly adopted Herndon`s suggested amendment, the 8 5 vote
showed five council members still were unwilling to back raises of that size.
But the issue likely has been settled ahead of a final vote set for next
Monday a departure from the drama that played out over salaries four years ago,
when three council members were running for mayor.
Under the amended proposal, the first half of the salary increases would start
July 20, when the winners of the May 5 election begin their terms.
In brief remarks during Monday`s meeting, two council members disagreed over
whether new salary boosts were needed to keep public service a viable option for
anyone wanting to run and serve full time.
Jeanne Faatz, who`s also departing because of term limits, retorted: "If
you go by supply and demand . the (current) salaries do not seem to deter the
many candidates currently running."
Denver`s city charter since 2003 has required the council to set salaries for
upcoming terms at this time every four years.
Supporters of the proposal argue that the increases will help elected
officials` salaries keep up with Denver housing costs and with the larger
cumulative raises that the city has granted to regular city employees. The
average city employee since 2003 has seen a 32 percent increase in salary,
compared with 13 percent for elected officials, according to The Denver Post`s
But opponents say the officials already make plenty.

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锘緿hiraj Nayyar on new era of diplomacy which is less of politics and more
of economics
It was a master class in modern diplomacy. Prime Minister David Cameron played
the role of travelling salesman for brand Great Britain with aplomb. He hard
sold a critically ill British economy to Indian investors. To make his sales
pitch more attractive, he threw in a lollypop of a same day visa for
businessmen. He then performed a hard sell for Britain`s cash strapped
universities, promising that there would be no limit on the number of (mostly
paying) Indian students. His free lollypops weren`t reserved for businessmen
alone. Indian students, he said, would be allowed to work in Britain if they
found a graduate level job after they were done with university. It was
noteworthy that Cameron did all of this in Mumbai, his first port of call,
before the more traditional, Delhi centric, shaking of hands.
Dhiraj NayyarIncreasingly, 21st century diplomacy is about economics, and not
the politics of war, peace and borders. Of course, security will always be a
diplomatic concern, but it can no longer be the primary obsession of the
diplomatic corps. India hasn`t quite grasped this change. Despite the country`s
rise as an economic powerhouse, our prime ministerial visits abroad tend to
stick to politics. A permanent seat on the UN Security Council, condemnation of
Pakistan, and government to government cooperation usually tops the agenda.
There is always a token delegation of businessmen that accompanies the Prime
Minister, but they have to do all the hard selling themselves.
There is another problem at the level of the bureaucracy. The important task
of economic diplomacy which involves not simply attracting investors, but also
helping Indian firms invest abroad falls between the cracks of the ministries of
External Affairs (MEA) and Commerce and Industry. Since most key jobs in Indian
missions abroad are occupied by personnel of the Indian Foreign Service, who
report to the MEA, it is incumbent on them to go beyond traditional diplomacy to
further India`s economic interests. That tends not to happen, or if it does,
only to a very limited extent. The Indian diplomatic corps is still trained in
old world diplomacy, more comfortable negotiating a Security Council seat than a
free trade area. In any case, the largely IAS mandarins of the commerce and
industry ministry believe that it is their job to promote India`s economic
interests abroad. The problem is that they are based in Delhi.
There is a strong case for streamlining the work to one ministry let a
suitably trained MEA handle everything except multilateral trade negotiations
which can stay with Commerce. Of course, it will need someone more enthusiastic
and energetic than Manmohan Singh to roll up his sleeves and do a David Cameron.
There seems to be a continued reluctance in the political establishment,
particularly in the Congress party, to aggressively open the doors of India`s
relatively closed economy to foreign investors. Perhaps that is because the
party is still led by a generation that is rankled by memories of colonialism.
Perhaps it`s because the party will not abandon its centre left roots and its
suspicion of private capital. Whatever the reason, it is damaging India. China,
Brazil and even Indonesia are stealing a march in attracting foreign investment.
Those economies are booming even as ours stagnates. It is not enough for the
Finance Minister to do an occasional road show in a global financial centre. By
now, marketing India`s economic potential should be embedded in the country`s

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Of course, nothing is perfect. The Morrison`s gear loft is too small and with
cold hands it`s frustrating to push the plastic tabs through the fabric loops
that hold it in place. A suggested fix is to remove the tabs and install the
loft permanently with zip ties. The other two picayunish points are the guy out
loops on either end of the rainfly and the stuff sack size. The guy out loops
are just too high. To fix this you`ll need to replace the lines that come with
the tent with lines that are six to seven feet long. If you`re using a footprint
the stuff sack is just too small. Mountainsmith has added tent footprints as an
accessory in 2012, but it won`t pack with the tent, and if you shove a homemade
footprint into the bag, even one as compact as Tyvek, you`ll eventually split
the stuff sack`s side seam.
Its 5 lb. weight includes a 92 inch x 56 inch interior space (plenty of room
for tall campers to sleep comfortably) with 43 inches of headroom. The side
vestibules are roomy enough to keep packs and boots dry or for use as a rain
free cooking area and allow easy access to the interior via large doors. Other
features include two interior pockets, bathtub floor design, two adjustable
vents on the rainfly, a small, detachable gear loft, and windows in the doors
that can be zipped or left open for circulation. Mountainsmith even color coded
the tent poles and printed the set up instructions on the stuff sack for you.
Eight aluminum V stakes in a separate bag are included. This tent kept
backpackers dry during an eight hour August downpour on the West Coast Trail and
performed just as well on several other wet, late season nights.
The Mountainsmith Morrison, declared a "Killer Deal" by Backpacker
Magazine in 2011, is still one of the best deals on the market. This free
standing, two person, three season, dome tent has a list of features that make
it hard to ignore. It has 35 square ft. of living space, two (yes, two) large
doors, two vestibules, and clips that attach it quickly to two crossing poles
forming a dependable and familiar X shaped frame.
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1)When you feel as though your friend is going through trying times and wants
to be left alone, you are quietly next to that friend, not saying a word but
showing that friend you are still there for them.
The value of GOOD FRIENDSHIP are my personal experience:
2)When you havent seen or spoke to your friend for years and when you need
them, they are there for you as though you never left for a long period of time.
Do you sometimes feel that you give too much in a friendship?
4)Most important is the respect and loyalty you feel for each other, despite
everything that happens between the both of you.
I am a people person and I think maybe I expect too much in a friendship. I am
loyal, trustworthy and caring and put a lot into a friendship and sometimes I
feel that I am the only one who gives and then. Is it bad and it will affect the
friendship. Then what purpose of having friendship. Kindly clarify.
3) When you both argue and say mean things to one another then laugh at each
other for the way you both said mean things to each other and know the love is
still there.
锘緿escribe the Value of Good Friendship
friendship are not someone to depend on. just someone who you can call family
of yours. they works like family. but they under family. friendship is someone
who you can share your sercets or problems with. that you can do with your
family, bf or gf. someone who you can help each other if they can. a good
friendship will not leave you behind. you all came together and you leave
together. unless you both agreed to do so. a good friendship lookout for each
other. sometimes good friendship messed up. sometimes they have arguements.
whatever the reason, good friendship has understand of each other and caring.
without good value friendship. you have nobody. even if you have family. only
good value friendship can get you going with your life when you can find no one

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