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File Ishlamayotgan bolsa, Xabar Bering!
Esli File ne rabotaet, dayte nam znat!

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Timberland shoes for men
timberland boots
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Timberland Earthkeepers Black White - $132.00 : Timberland outlet,

















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Timberland Men Roll Top Boots Chestnut Beige$206.00
 $106.00Save: 49% offTimberland Men 6 Inch Chocolate
White$201.00  $117.00Save: 42% offTimberland Earthkeepers
Coffee Orange$241.00  $130.00Save: 46% off

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Timberland Earthkeepers Black White






Timberland Earthkeepers Black White

$287.00  $132.00Save: 54% off

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Recycled materials and premium leathers come together this season to create
the classic and rugged Timberland Earthkeepers Black White. Featuring the
quality construction we`re famous for in a streamlined silhouette, we`ve used
100% organic cotton for the laces and 100% recycled PET (plastic bottles) for
the linings and footbed covers. Imported.
- 100% organic cotton laces
- Anti-fatigue midsole and removable footbed provide all-day comfort and
- Premium full-grain and nubuck leathers for comfort and long-lasting wear
- 100% recycled PET mesh lining and footbed cover is comfortable, breathable
and eco-conscious
- Timberland`s exclusive Gripstick? rubber compound provides excellent traction
in any weather
- Green Rubber? inverted lug outsole is made from 42% recycled rubber and
designed for durability

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Men`s Sports Shoes Reebok

Need to have more exposure in your website? Try Doll Sanctuary at .

Gucci bags for sale


Men`s Sports Shoes Reebok



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On the Apple Front:
???broadcasting your notes and drawings
Apart from Job`s abject dislike of stylii, Apple certainly has the ability to
simplify such devices into multi use applications such as whiteboards, pens,
pencils, scaling and artwork. However I suspect this will all come at a premium
Even Apple had them in the old Newton`s which was a failed product in its day.
The first reported by AppleInsider, describes a device that is activated when
it is picked up, begins recording when a switch is pressed and can then store
the pen`s movements, send them to your device in timed bursts or broadcast the
movements instantly to one or multiple devices.
Apple has been granted a patent for a smart pen that could save what you write
on a piece of paper, a whiteboard or even thin air and transmit it wirelessly to
your phone or tablet.
On the Comms Front:
Apple`s patent shows a lightweight pen that would support a range of different
Rumours earlier this year of a 12.9 inch "iPad Plus" never seemed to
eventuate but, given such a device would be aimed squarely at business users,
artists and designers, a stylus would make an interesting accessory.
While similar devices like Livescribe`s "smartpen" require special
paper or a bulk form factor to house infrared lights, battery and storage,
Apple`s design uses low profile accelerometers to sense movement and so could be
built to be smaller and last longer.
But before anyone says Apple used them first, they`d better understand that
stylii for computing input have been around since 1957. "The first use of a
stylus pen in a computing device was the Styalator, demonstrated by Tom Dimond
in 1957".
Again Wacom, Livescribe, ePens and many others have all had recording pens
with handwriting on paper, as well as sound recording features, but all needed
either a screen, a special clipboard, special paper or separate underneath,
external or internal positioning electronics. I note that even in apple`s patent
the writing paper has a external wire coming from the top suggestive of a
positional clipboard underneath.
On the Stylii Front:
The pen could broadcast writing directly to devices, or store it for later.
Presumably the pen would work with a capacitive tip as well, for drawing and
note taking directly onto an iPad or iPhone, although long time Apple followers
will remember how strongly former Apple chief executive Steve Jobs felt about
The patent also mentions the device would allow for "alternative
embodiments", letting the user attach magnetometers for gathering
orientation data, or allowing for different tips (for example a pencil like
graphite tip for sketching or one for writing on whiteboards).
Stylii have been around for ages for use on computing devices even will
handwriting recognition. Palm made them ubiquitous, however failed to keep pace
with changing tech. Wacom are the best known specialist stylii devices and have
their technology used widely by other brands such as Samsung.
The advantage of the design is that in addition to storing your notes to send
to your device later, you could use the pen while giving a presentation and have
your colleagues receive a copy of your notes in real time. Alternatively, you
could draw on a notepad and have the pen output to a large digital display.
On the Pen Front:
Many devices utilise bluetooth to get the data to a computing device, if the
data wasn`t already being entered into a computing device such as a Palm,
Samsung Note, Samsung Tab, notebook, notepad or wacom sensor board device in the
first place.
It`s important to note that Apple files for patents of its inventions
constantly and it doesn`t necessarily take all it`s designs to production (in
fact this is not even the first recent Apple patent for a stylus). The patent,
which was approved on Tuesday, was first filed in 2010.
"Who wants a stylus?!", ranted Jobs while introducing the first
iPhone at the 2007 MacWorld conference. "You have to get `em, and put `em
away. You lose `em. Yuck! Nobody wants a stylus."
Is the stylus making a comeback in mobile gadgets?

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Staffers and content doesn`t come cheaply, though. FMIY and Storyverse Studios
is now a business unto itself, complete with corporate sponsors.
"We want to create an all new genre," Carlip, who wrote
"FMIY" and four prior books, told TODAY. "Young people are
reading things differently, experiencing things in a new way. They are used to
being multiplatform. We want to tap into that by creating this whole
"Everyone`s a hyphenate. We can`t pay you to do one job, you have to do
six," said Lapiduss, a TV veteran who has won a Golden Globe and written or
directed hugely popular sitcoms including "Roseanne,"
"Ellen" and "Home Improvement."
The e book itself, published by RosettaBooks and released on Monday, includes
artwork, handwritten lists and graphics littered throughout. But readers will
also find embedded links to the 10 video clues Mr. WTF posts. Mags has a
portfolio site and anInstagram account, which is full of artsy photos from
around LA, as does Mr. WTF.
"All readers know that when you find a book you love, you don`t want it
to end," Carlip said. "And here, you can finish the book and then go
check out one of the websites a month later to see what`s new. The experience
doesn`t have to end."
The "Find Me I`m Yours" multi platform novel includes 33 standalone
Creators Hillary Carlip and Maxine Lapiduss call it "Click Lit," and
it`s an online and offline world that doesn`t end at the last page of the book.
They say it`s both a new way to read and a revolutionary way to make money in
the ever evolving publishing business.
Between the writing of the novel, the creation and design of the websites, and
hiring staff, "FMIY" took three and a half years to come together. In
the process Carlip and Lapiduss founded Storyverse Studios, which now employs
about 25 people who write content, run social media, film videos and more.
On its face, the new book "Find Me I`m Yours" sounds like your
standard fare about a 24 year old navigating life and love in the big city. But
"FMIY" is not merely a book its characters inhabit an entire
universe that includes nearly three dozen standalone websites, online video
series, real world magazines and more.
And so the cross platform hunt begins for both Mags and her readers.
"We knew we would have to raise money to make this happen," Lapiduss
said. "Nothing against big studios, but there`s a reason something like
this hasn`t happened even though people have been trying for years to do trans
media projects."
It`s easy to see how brand sponsored content could turn off potential readers.
But Lapiduss isn`t worried, she said, saying similar moves may be new to the
book industry, but they`re common in movies and TV.
"It`s been a big undertaking, to say the least," Carlip said.
The parent company of Sweet `N Low invested $1.3 million into
"FMIY." In exchange, during the course of the book Mags calls herself
a devoted fan, calling the sugar substitute a "party in a packet." She
also tells a friend that "the FDA or EPA or whatev agency" couldn`t
conclude that artificial sweetener causes cancer. And one of the 33 FMIY
websites, called "Worship the Brand" a site that calls on artists to
upload brand inspired fan art features a Sweet `N Low style logo at the top.
"`And take over the world!`" concluded Lapiduss.
"I had this idea and created all the websites," Carlip said,
"and then Maxine came on board and said, `We can turn this into a giant
business model `"
"I have 30 years experience in the media world, and I`m competing with
YouTubers putting on makeup and getting millions of views," Lapiduss said.
"That`s kind of the drag of it and the amazing thing all at the same time.
We all have to reinvent ourselves, and bring in different facets of what reading
can be."
The digitally savvy Mags also mentions33 websites in the book, and they are
all standalone sites with original content. The idea, the creators say, is that
a person who stumbles upon them organically can enjoy them without knowing it`s
a part of the "FMIY" universe. Others, includingFreak 4 My Pet, are
interactive sites that encourage readers to submit their own artwork, videos and
That universe revolves around young Los Angeles artist Mags Marclay. After a
devastating breakup, Mags buys an "old school camera" on Craigslist to
film a video for a dating site. Inside she finds a tape filmed by a Ken doll
lookalike who is seeking his soulmate and he`s planted clues online and across
Los Angeles in a bid to find her. WTF."
???book includes a video series
For Lapiduss and Carlip, who are not only business partners but also a couple
of 23 years, their combined experience in book publishing and in TV helped them
approach the project in a unique way.
"We are embedding their message into ours in an organic way,"
Lapiduss said. "We think advertisers will be drawn to these verticals. They
can support storylines or characters or their message could be interspersed
throughout the book and the online content.

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a reply to your own post. more >>

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Keep MUA clutter free, posts of non makeup related objects (children, pets,
textiles, etc) or empty product displays are not permitted
All fake blood/injuries MUST be marked NSFW
Whether it a knock off or a defect, take it back. Ulta probably has one on
display that you can show the salesperson if they question it.
You must be verified by a mod before posting AMAs, Q surveys, giveaways, or if
identifying as company. Read more here
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will be removed
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Violations of rules will result in your post being removedThere definitely
something wrong with Buck, and Smog looks a little off as well. Smog should be
darker than Half Baked, but in all your pictures it looks lighter. That may just
be the lighting.
jump to contentmy subreddits
???Bought my first NAKED palette at Ulta and noticed something was off
MUA is not a place for self promotion.
Products must be removed from packaging for hauls (the makeup must be seen)
swatches are highly encouraged.
limit my search to /r/MakeupAddictionuse the following search parameters to
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message the mods.
Memes and screenshots (social media, shopping carts, text convos, etc) are not
permitted as they are better suited to other subreddits (like TrollX)

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Sedans went on sale first, in base DLX (formerly Deluxe), midline LE, and new
top line XLE trim levels. The slow selling all wheel drive All Trac did not
return. A sporty SE sedan followed a few months later, as did DLX and LE wagons,
newly sourced from Toyota`s Kentucky plant.
Hard starting (1992 96): A "cold soak" (prolonged interval between
starts) may cause hard starting, due to ignition coil voltage leaking to an
inappropriate ground.
Camry got a big brother this year in the 1995 Toyota Avalon. With seating for
six versus Camry`s seating for five, the Avalon was in effect Toyota`s first
"full size" sedan. It was built alongside Camry in Kentucky and
packaged Camry`s V 6/automatic transmission powertrain in a stretched Camry
platform to do battle with popular domestic large cars like the Buick LeSabre
and Ford Crown Victoria.
Aside from the usual adjustments to colors and prices, The 1996 Toyota Camry
was a carryover. Toyota stretched the car`s "design cycle" from four
model years to five to save some money, but there was no effect on Camry sales,
which had been climbing fast since 1993. This year`s total was the highest yet:
nearly 359,500 units.
Antilock brakes became standard on the top line XLE sedan, but remained
optional elsewhere. The mainstay 2.2 liter four cylinder lost five horsepower
(to 125) due to retuning for stricter emissions limits in all states.
The base four cylinder was now a 2.2 liter twincam design with 135 horsepower.
The V6 was a new 3.0 liter twincam unit rated at 185 horsepower.
A two door coupe body style arrived in four cylinder and V6 DX, LE and SE
versions. It was basically a sedan with a different roofline and slightly lower
stance. All 1994 Camrys adopted a standard passenger side airbag. Also new was
an aluminum block 3.0 liter V6 with 188 horsepower, three more than the previous
iron block engine.
A five speed manual transmission was standard on DLX and SE sedans. A four
speed automatic transmission was optional on those models and standard on all
other Camrys.
Coolant leak (1992 96): Head gasket failure on 3.0 liter engines allows
coolant to enter the cylinders.
Toyota Camry Reliability
1996 Toyota Camry
1994 Toyota Camry
???1996 Toyota Camry
Previous Camrys had earned Consumer Guide Best Buy ribbons, and the larger
third generation did too. "Workmanship is like the proverbial bank vault,
noise levels are low, and ride is comfortably absorbent. Handling is competent
for a family car, though you notice body lean in tight, fast turns," the
editors said. They termed acceleration "brisk" with the V6, only
"so so" with the four cylinder engine. Bronze tint glass was newly
optional for all models.
The standard driver`s airbag met the government`s passive restraint
requirement without motorized shoulder belts, which had drawn a cold shoulder
from consumers. The bag was designed to deploy from the steering wheel hub to
provide chest protection in a frontal collision. Serving active safety, antilock
brakes were now optional for all Camrys.
Trunklid (1992 96): The trunklid may not stay fully open on sedans with a
spoiler; adjusting the support torsion rod should cure the problem.
The new SE sedan sported a rear spoiler, higher speed rated tires on alloy
wheels (versus steel rims), a slightly firmer suspension, and sport bucket front
seats. The top line XLE catered to luxury lovers with optional leather
upholstery and additional standard features including power sunroof and power
driver`s seat. Wagons offered a newly optional third row seat that upped
capacity from five to seven passengers. Toyota`s Lexus luxury brand again
offered a gilded V6 Camry sedan in its new ES 300.
The 1992 Toyota Camry launched the third generation of this popular nameplate.
The major news was an increase in size that took Camry from the compact car
class to the midsize category. Unadventurous but attractively rounded new
styling, larger engines, introduction of a coupe body style, and the gradual
addition of standard airbags also were parts of the story.
Air conditioner (1992 and 1993 model years): A problem with the expansion
valve causes the air conditioner to gradually lose efficiency.
The DX wagon did not return as a choice for the 1995 Toyota Camry line. Other
models received subtle appearance changes, plus structural upgrades designed to
meet the government`s more stringent side impact requirements for 1997.
1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 Toyota Camry
A redesign increased the wheelbase of the 1992 Toyota Camry by less than an
inch, to 103.1, but the car`s overall length stretched 6 inches (to 187.8) and
width swelled by 2 inches (to 69.7). Weight naturally went up, ballooning by
some 250 pounds, but that was partly offset by stronger engines.
Most Camrys were still sold with automatic transmission, which gained new
electronic controls that adjusted shift action to match driving style: faster,
snappier shifts with more aggressive driving, smoother changes with gentle use
of the throttle. Cruise control and power windows/locks/mirrors were now
standard for SEs, instead of optional.
1995 Toyota Camry
Suspension noise (1992 95): Front and rear sway bar bushings were redesigned
using a self lubricating material.
Automatic transmission (1992 96): The "A 40 series" automatic
transmission may shift harshly because rubber check balls shrink, blow through a
plate, and become dislodged.

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1. Toy kitchensencourage imaginative play. My kids will spend hours creating
the perfect sandwich for me or cooking pretend pasta. Watching them in their toy
kitchen made me realize exactly how I behave when I cooking. Raffi humsas he
cooks, and he closes the cabinets with a little hip bump the same way I do. It a
win/win situation. Some nights they sit on the counter and me cook, but dinner
is ready much faster if they are cooking their own pretend meal.
Toy kitchens are a pain because they can be such eyesores. In our case, in a
home with no playroom, there nowhere for the kitchen to hide. Even our plain
CHOCOLATE AND CHEW ON YOUR HANDBAG! We have one anyway, and I see us keeping it
for years to come.
There are so many play kitchen toys on the market. My favorites are basic
kitchen essentials like pots and pans, basic food items like fruits and
vegetables, tea party sets, and products that work on their fine motor skills,
like veggies you can or cupcakes that are actually puzzles.
As a kid I distinctly remember hiding behind my parents orange leather couch
(this was the 80 after all) and putting food coloring and water into my toy pots
and pans. I don remember what kind of I was making, but I do remember that I
left a patch of carpet permanently stained by food coloring for my mom to find
months later.
Here are 3 reasons why I am a big advocate of toy kitchens:
Here are some of my favorite play kitchen picks:
3. Kids learn valuable skills. Through playing in their toy kitchen, my kids
learn to take turns, work together to create something like a yummy pretend
birthday cake, and practice problem solving.
I had a play kitchen. It was the EXACT SAME Fisher Price kitchen that you see
Judy playing with on early episodes of Family Matters. It was small, but I
absolutely loved it. I think I played with that more than anything else.
This Internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed
for educational purposes only. If you have any concerns about your own health or
the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other
healthcare professional.
???9 great picks for play kitchen toys
When you walk into my house you can barely tell kids live there. Then you turn
the corner and find the mecca of every child dream: the toy kitchen. Last year
for Christmas we splurged on the Pottery Barn Retro Kitchen, which includes 3
separate pieces of a fridge, oven/stove combination, and a sink. Oh how I wish I
had a toy kitchen when I was little!
My son has a retro kitchen very similar to yours but it all one big piece and
it light blue. He loves it. One of his favorite things to do is play restaurant.
Also he was in the hospital for a couple of days following a tonsillectomy
complication back in July and they had a playroom (it was a children hospital)
and they had the same pottery barn kitchen you have, and that all he wanted to
play with while we were there.

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This is a bargain for a Scottish Nordman Fir, so if you`re after one between
150 to 180 cm tall, our advice is to snap one up quickly once they go on sale
from 4th December. They don`t deliver, but they`re worth the trip to your
nearest store. They smell great too.
???11 best real trees
Buy nowFirst prize this year goes to Deliver Me A Christmas Tree`s Nordman
Fir, while in a close second place is Send Me A Christmas Tree`s Sussex Fir.
Both smell amazing and have exceptional needle retention.
Buy now
Sadie Lynes runs Marldon Christmas Tree Farm (a tourist attraction in its own
right), where staff have impressive experience in proper handling and growth of
trees. This means they`ve reached their peak of perfection at just the right
time for Christmas. This is their so called "Posh Tree". With a lovely
fragrance , it has great needle retention and a lovely blue, grey foliage with a
good layering.

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???15 for failing to turn up to friend
Baseline tests for new primary school students `dragoons children`"I
thought it was a joke to begin with," Alex`s father Derek Nash told the
Plymouth Herald.
Alex Nash, from Plymouth, was verbally invited to a school friend`s birthday
party on a dry ski slope, but when he decided not to attend instead spending
the day with his grandparents his parents apparently had no means of
contacting the mother who organised the party.
In the days following they attempted to apologise until their son returned
home with a brown envelope and a `no show fee` invoice for 15.95 in his bag, the
Plymouth Herald discovered.
10 best children birthday cakes
Mr Nash, who works as a delivery driver, said he "couldn`t believe"
the manner in which the money had been requested, although he emphasised that he
understood the need to recoup the cost.
The brown envelope containing the invoice had been slipped into the child`s
bag as he left school, via a teacher it is claimed.

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He added: "They think (the police) it might have been stolen to order.
The second painting, "Oleoylsarcosine", is 67cm x 89cm and was
created in 2008 and is worth 18,000
???CCTV video shows thief stealing two paintings from Exhibition Gallery in
Notting Hill
A brazen thief stole two Damien Hirst `spot` paintings worth 33,000 from a
London art gallery in less than a minute.
"There are more expensive items here. There is also another Hirst
paintings not a spot one but he left that behind even though they it was
right next to one of them."
The larger, "Pyronin Y", is 103cm x 116cm and was created in 2005
and is worth 15,000.
"He headed straight to where the Hirst spot paintings were and grabbed
Gallery manager Nathan Engelbrecht, 31, said: "It was a single male. He
parked right outside of the gallery.
"He got out of his car, walked right up to the door and prised it open
with a crowbar. The lock completely smashed.
"He then marched straight out the door and back into his car. He was in
and out within a minute.
"It is also possible they targeted the Hirst spot pieces because he knew
they would be easier to sell.
The lone burglar, wearing a balaclava, is believed to have stolen the
paintings `to order` from the Exhibition Gallery, in Notting Hill.
"If you watch it on CCTV he knows exactly what he`s doing.
Meanwhile, just across the road, oblivious delivery men are leaving an order
outside a neighbouring restaurant door.
"He was completely covered up head to toe, balaclava, hood, goggles,
The 48 year old Turner Prize winner is best known for preserved animals,
including a shark and a sheep, in formaldehyde.
His solo show at Tate Modern last year was the most popular in the gallery`s
history, with around 463,000 visitors queuing to see exhibits including a
diamond encrusted human skull called For The Love Of God.
The thief targeted the two paintings ignoring more expensive artworks
leaving Mr Engelbrecht to believe the pieces might have been stolen to order.
"It was clearly a professional job because he was so quick, knew what he
was looking for and knew to be in and out within a minute."
CCTV from the early hours of Monday shows him parking his car, prising open
the front door with a crowbar, heading for the valuable Hirst paintings and then
leaving less than 60 seconds later.

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