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File Ishlamayotgan bolsa, Xabar Bering!
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Our government has been asserting Arctic sovereignty for some time. How does
it look on the ground?
For what, in particular?
What did you make of Alert just as a place?
???Canada`s northern `anchor point`
First of all, I was trying to figure out what was land and what was sea. And I
still find that confusing in terms of the North Pole and our land claims and the
extension of the continental shelf underneath. I suppose you have a little
better sense of that during the daylight time of year. I guess I was very
conscious you had to build things that could survive and last, and confront
nature and deal with it in a satisfactory fashion. I was struck by how conscious
they were about preventive maintenance and possible breakdowns. One of the
senior leaders said what worried him most was fire because fire could spread
very quickly in the place and be devastating. We experienced a fire alarm I
know that wasn`t staged for us and I was quite conscious of people moving
promptly, getting out, ensuring that the issue is looked after. There`s a lot of
fuel oil, and you don`t want it getting too hot.
Despite our Arctic ambitions, Alert still feels like a remote outpost in a
very precarious environment. Is there a dream quality in the way we envision the
future of the North?
I have never been really north in winter. I was delighted that I could come
when there was no sunshine and have a sense of how people lived. I think you
have to see it to believe it both visually and in terms of the challenge and
the conditions and the vastness of it all. Champlain was right when he said you
really don`t know Canada until you`ve wintered over. It`s hard to get your mind
round that authenticity.
Over two days of darkness, the Governor General toured Alert inside and out,
chatting with its 77 military and civilian personnel, presiding over a change of
command ceremony, laying memorial wreathes in the minus 34 chill and being
briefed on the small station`s operations and activities from high level
signals intelligence intercepts and climate change monitoring to the heightened
daily challenges of pumping water, fighting fire or managing medical care in
Canada`s most remote location. Over two days of darkness, the Governor General
toured Alert inside and out, chatting with its 77 military and civilian
personnel, presiding over a change of command ceremony, laying memorial wreathes
in the minus 34 chill and being briefed on the small station`s operations and
activities from high level signals intelligence intercepts and climate change
monitoring to the heightened daily challenges of pumping water, fighting fire or
managing medical care in Canada`s most remote location. last Monday, a giant C
17 Globemaster transport took off from CFB Trenton carrying Governor General
David Johnston on a six hour flight to the Canadian Forces station in Alert,
Nunavut the most northerly location in the world that permanently inhabited.
Well, it`s very strategic, the most northerly inhabited place on Earth, right
at the top of the Pole, connected to our circumpolar neighbours. If we truly
believe in the idea of Canada as a country stretching sea to sea to sea, that`s
the top point. It`s our most northerly military operation: There was a change of
command, and we like to piggyback on these operations when we can to salute our
men and women in uniform.
The one I`m most excited about is science. I just saw that as a magnificent
laboratory for a way of advancing knowledge including, I suppose, how do you
keep a big C 17 four engine plane overnight and make sure you get it started in
the morning.
When I look about the North, I have a sense of the idea of Canada the coast
to coast to coast vision is very much a part of that. The reality on the ground
is that it`s hard and tough, with some disappointments. Good leadership makes a
big difference. As I read the book Champlain`s Dream, I discovered that he was a
very good leader. I had thought of Champlain as a conquistador; I had no
appreciation of the man as a builder of a new order. He was always fighting for
support, recognition, trying to finance another voyage, it was an uphill battle.
He had to change from Protestant to Catholic to stay onside with the regime.
I`m very conscious of it, and think it`s an appropriate mandate of this office
that we establish a Canadian presence and not just leave it to be neglected.
That`s the defensive measure: This is a part of Canada and let`s be sure the
world knows that. But I guess the positive feature is that since we have this
land and this coast, let`s understand it and let`s learn from it and let`s
collaborate in learning from it so we share the lessons for the world. It might
be a virtual connection of universities of the North and we could undertake a
much more ambitious set of scientific programs. The one takeaway I have that`s
more prominent in my mind is what a fascinating laboratory this is for learning.
Why did you go to Alert?
Why did you pick January, when it`s in darkness?
I suppose that`s the challenge for all the exploration of Canada. We`ve always
been in that situation of aspiring to understand, to settle, to develop, to
advance, and yet drawing back from it. It`s been a series of checks and
balances, step forward, step back. With Alert, the question is why that northern
outpost, at what cost, and at what value? My sense is that its presence is
pretty well established, and I do think the North will become more important to
us and that northerly frontier will become an important anchor point.
In the environment lab, we`ve been collecting data since 1950, and what are we
doing with it? Are we sharing with others, what are the Russians doing, how big
a bridge can we build with them? Not on sovereignty, not on security, not on
intelligence, but how do you learn to live in the North?
Do you see an analogy with Alert?
Over two days of darkness, the Governor General toured Alert inside and out,
chatting with its 77 military and civilian personnel, presiding over a change of
command ceremony, laying memorial wreathes in the minus 34 chill and being
briefed on the small station`s operations and activities from high level
signals intelligence intercepts and climate change monitoring to the heightened
daily challenges of pumping water, fighting fire or managing medical care in
Canada`s most remote location. We spoke to the Commander in Chief at the end of
the tour when he was still dressed in the military green camouflage he wore.
Where do you see new opportunities?

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Don spam. Self promotion should be thoughtful, limited, and consistently well
received by the community.
Recent reposts will be removed.
Please use spoiler tags when discussing story/end game/expansion content.
When posting new content, have in mind the quality of your post. Ask yourself
if your content will spark thoughtful discussion.
???Can you grab the first chest in crota on both normal and HM
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narrow your results:see the search faq for details.
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Keep it civil. Don use harassing or offensive language or make personal
attacks on others. Absolutely no racist/hate speech will be tolerated.
Low Effort or Low Quality posts will be removed. No clickbait, misleading,
open ended, or vague titles.

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The primary function of air cleaner filters is to remove debris from the air
while enhancing overall airflow throughout your home. While maintaining clean
air is the obvious goal of an air filter, it is also responsible for keeping the
motor of your HVAC unit in proper working condition by preventing particles such
as dirt from clogging the system. Air cleaner filters also reduce the amount of
outdoor debris that enters your home. If you have allergies or breathing
problems, a high quality air filter can keep the interior of your home free from
pollen, dust and pet hair.
???Can You Vacuum Air Cleaner Filters
While manufacturers do not recommend vacuuming air cleaner filters, you could
slightly prolong the life of your filter by regularly vacuuming it and its
surrounding encasement. When vacuuming, use the handheld attachment. Do not
place the filter on the ground and roll your vacuum over it, because this will
damage the filter to the point of replacement. Lightly run the handheld
attachment over the filter in a circular motion. When cleaning, do not stop
moving the attachment because this could damage the filter fibers. Once visible
debris is removed, gently replace the filter.
Air cleaner filters commonly are found near the HVAC, or heating, ventilation
and air conditioning, unit of your home. Over time, an air cleaner filter can
become clogged and dirty, especially during high pollen times of the year or if
you have animals. If you do not inspect, clean and eventually replace air
filters, you will experience a reduction in airflow because of dirt and dust
buildup, which can lead to early system failure. It is possible to prolong the
life of an air cleaner filter by carefully vacuuming the filter; however, if the
filter is extremely soiled, you should replace it within the manufacturer
suggested time frame.
According to Energy Star, air filters should be checked at least once a month,
especially during winter and summer, when the HVAC system is in high demand.
While the time frame for replacing an air filter varies based on the dust and
airborne debris level where you live, change your air cleaner filter every three
months. This is a generalized suggestion provided by Energy Star, and your air
filter might need to be changed sooner or later, depending on its soil level and
whether vacuuming removed a good portion of stuck on debris. Check with the
manufacturer of the filter to determine its recommended replacement time frame.
For example, a traditional fiberglass filter should be changed monthly, while a
deep pleated filter should be changed once every six months.

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Be self assured and energetic. Shake hands and acquaint yourself with the
enrollment specialist when you get to another stand. Act intrigued by the
organization and in what they bring to the table. Be ready to discuss your
vocation objectives; have a couple of responses ready regarding what you might
want to do, your abilities and experience.
The way to winning job fair is Networking or social contacts. Numerous bosses
and selection representatives from diverse commercial ventures will be going to
the employment fair; you may concentrate on a specific organization however
attempt to keep your alternatives open. By talking with different candidates and
organizations, you may get some answers concerning new openings for work an
incredible method for getting to that shrouded occupation business while
expanding your associations!
Discover the most recent news regarding the association`s execution or
business procedure! Firsthand information of late advancement could be a great
point to begin the discussion.
Conversing with managers and scouts will offer you knowledge into the
association`s desires and qualities, as you`ll get active encounter by visiting
with the business delegates. You will likewise accept exhortation as far as
making provisions, guaranteeing you get to the last phase of the recruitment
process which is the meeting or the appraisal at the company.
Begin chatting with different applicants! In the affair that they are
intrigued by the same organization, you as of now have something in like manner.
You may get some answers concerning different open doors accessible or trade
past employment chase encounters. It is possible that way; you`ll be making new
contacts extraordinary for stretching your system.
Do your homework. Research the organizations that will be going to the
occupation fair, taking a specific enthusiasm toward figuring out what opening
they have. Concentrate on the organization`s qualities and think how you can
interface them to your individual and work experience. Modify your one moment
introduction. Who are you, and what would you be able to bring to the
???Cashing the Job Fairs
It`s a Mini interview in every sense. You have to see it as a chance to talk
with a potential executive, accentuating how your past experience and your
studies could be applicable to a specific graduate plan or opportunity.
Bring a couple of duplicates of your CV in addition to some customized cover
letters. Keep in mind scouts see occupation fairs as a strategy for selecting
potential applicants, so take the time to get ready as though it was a true
meeting. You will appear to be composed and proficient!
Don`t get focused on the off chance that you need to hold up in line until you
get to chat with a specific executive that is precisely the reason you are
wearing comfortable shoes.
A job fair is intended to bring different organizations that have
opportunities under one roof. Some occupation fairs concentrate on a specific
industry others have work parts accessible from a large number of businesses.
Take it as a genuine form of the online site you use to send your CV and cover
letter, yet with moment input on your provision!
This is a norm for cultured or economically developed countries but for
Pakistan the picture is quite the reverse. Whether you have a good hand over the
requirements or not you will get selected provided you have strong relations or
connections to project your prospective company to enormous heights of financial
On the off chance that the possibilities of talking up close and personal with
a potential business and getting bunches of free pens draw in you, here`s some
guidance on the best way to make the most out of them!
On the off chance that this is your first time going to a job fair and you get
apprehensive simply suspecting that you`ll be chatting with an individual
speaking to your dream organization, a great strategy would be to go and address
unfocused organization(s) initially, and afterward proceed onward to distinctive
ones until you feel primed to visit with your first decision. Hence you would
have drilled enough and got your certainty helped up!

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Undoubtedly these all products can be attained via their physical stores but
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limit my search to /r/jobsuse the following search parameters to narrow your
results:see the search faq for details.
???cjstayfresh comments on Am i shooting myself in the foot
I think for the future i wont put any job i held less than 6 months on my
resume and if the short term jobs show up on the background check/ i have to put
it on my application ill just say something along the lines of temp work or try
to work around it. I just hope they dont try and call past short jobs i worked.
As a sophomore in college soon to enter business school i already realize its
who you know not what you know. In the real world, people like John Paulsen make
$5 billion in one year off of other people house foreclosures. In the real
world, large investment firms spend their days conjuring up scams to rip off
securities markets, tank the entire economy, and then get bailed out to the tune
of $700 billion. In the real world, divedends (those that aren put into off
shore accounts) are taxed about half of normal income tax. That the real world.
People who are successful aren successful because they worked hard and were
honest. They successful because they fucked everybody else in the ass. I believe
very very strongly in knowing what you want and then getting it. I have no
desire to become some rich snob. I just want the skills I need to command a
decent wage and have a certain degree of autonomy in my life. Is that too much
to ask? Its not my fault wages have stagnated or declined over the last few
decades. Its not my fault people are too obsessed with themselves to be civic
oriented enough to stop people who exploit and get rewarded for it. They want to
downvote me for telling little white lies so I can learn things and do things
that get me into the middle class (I was born and raised in abject poverty) and
in exchange offer the economy quite a lot people with my skills are needed. Fuck
them. They can go to Goldman Sachs and downvote those ass holes. I just trying
to have a nice life.
jump to contentmy subreddits
I dont know why you got down voted but i kinda like your advice. Unfortunately
in the world we live in, sticking to the rules or doing whats "politically
correct" usually leaves you on the short end of the rope. After reading
through your post you seem like a wolf of wall street type character. While i
can see why people would think badly about that i respect your opinion and
understand why you feel that way.

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"This decline in oil prices has been a shock to Canadian incomes, which
from a debt to disposable income point of view is not good news," senior
deputy governor Carolyn Wilkins told a press conference. "Certainly the
interest rate movement we made today is designed to offset part of that."
???delicate balancing act
Real estate signs in Calgary, Alta., Thursday, June 26, 2014. Calgary`s real
estate market in particular is fuelled by the price of energy, which means
slumping oil prices could pinch sellers.
A cut to the central bank`s overnight lending rate will make it cheaper for
the roughly 30 per cent of home buyers with short term or variable rate
mortgages, said Bank of Nova Scotia economist Derek Holt.
"At the end of the day, if you`re a consumer or a homeowner and you see
what essentially now amounts to zero or slightly negative real interest rates,
you`re going to go out and borrow, probably no matter how much the bank is
telling you not to," said Bank of Montreal senior economist Robert Kavcic.
Canadians who headed west in search of employment are returning east, making
job markets more competitive in other provinces and contributing to a rise in
unemployment and a drop in incomes.
A rate cut will be "unambiguously good" for the Canadian housing
market, particularly outside Alberta, said Toronto Dominion Bank economist Diana
Petramala. Consumers seemed to echo that sentiment yesterday, with real estate
brokerage Zoocasa reporting that traffic to its online listings website jumped
20 per cent after the bank`s announcement.
"If housing prices rise too much in the short term, eventually they might
need to correct more," said Royal Bank of Canada senior economist Robert
Hoult. "If lower interest rates in the near term cause home prices to
increase more, I think it does raise some risk for down the road."
Ms. Petramala expects mortgage rates to follow, with banks possibly reviving
teaser rates below 3 per cent and said yesterday`s rate cut has raised the
likelihood the central bank could cut rates even further down the road. Five
year Government of Canada bond yields touched 0.8 per cent yesterday, down from
1.4 per cent at the start of the month.
Several analysts, however, warned that while the rate cut may give a short
term boost to home buyers, it also heightens the risk of a more severe housing
correction when interest rates eventually rise.
An interest rate cut will only mean good news for Vancouver`s housing market,
said Hareesh Sara, president of Intergulf Development Group, which has several
housing and condo developments under way in both British Columbia and Alberta.
Yet by slashing interest rates after years of warning about the risks that
rising house prices and skyrocketing consumer debt levels pose to the economy,
the bank also runs the risk that consumers will start turning a deaf ear to its
long standing pleas for Canadians to curb their appetite for cheap credit and
may even fuel the flames of the country`s overheated housing market.
"The record high evolution of to income] is something which matters a lot
to us because it makes the economy vulnerable to a shock," Bank of Canada
Governor Stephen Poloz said, adding the bank sees plunging oil prices as
"exactly the kind of trigger we imagine."
In its monetary policy report, the bank predicted that without an interest
rate a cut, the household debt ratio could have risen by as much as four
percentage points as plunging energy profits harm investor portfolios and the
job market.
While that will give a boost to already strong housing markets outside of
Alberta, particularly in cities like Vancouver and Toronto, it also risks
encouraging young home buyers to take on more mortgage debt than they can
afford. "It`s important for to not forget that this is not a normal
interest rate environment," she said.
For The Globe and MailOnly last month, Canada`s central bank renewed its
warnings about rising levels of household debt, which hovers near an all time
high of 163 per cent of disposable income, and said it believed home prices were
as much as 30 per cent overvalued. Yet, in lowering rates, the bank made it
clear it sees the effects of lower oil prices spreading far beyond the borders
of Alberta, with job losses and cuts to income potentially cascading throughout
the economy and leaving indebted households even more vulnerable.

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