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File Ishlamayotgan bolsa, Xabar Bering!
Esli File ne rabotaet, dayte nam znat!

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Recently Published Articles By Anand D Kumar
Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. Natural Resources And Its Fiscal
ValueAs per Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. this standard type of forest
was much easier to manage by the state compared to the varied elements that
previously existed in a forest and it promised the state non fluctuating
economic returns.
ICT an innovative tool for Women Empowerment by Innovative Financial Advisors
PVT LtdInnovative Financial Advisors PVT Ltd One example of a successful ICT
initiative is Sewa ICT School for empowerment of women. This program covers
districts like Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Mehasana,
Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. Promotion of Inclusive Development
in Indian CitiesInnovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. advocates for
strengthening the capacities of Indian cities with an aim to promote inclusive
urban development.
Sustainability Reporting in India FiinovationA Sustainability report can be
understood as a report which helps to determine the performance of an
organization in terms of social, economical, environmental and governance.
Fiinovation refers to the G4 guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiatives.
Published in News Society on November 14, 2014
Published in News Society on October 17, 2014
Published in Business on December 22, 2014
Fiinovation The objective of World No Tobacco Day is to reduce tobacco
consumption which is responsible for fatal diseases like cancer and early
death,all around the world.
Published in Non Profit on December 08, 2014
Fiinovation Tele Education Through Satellite TechnologyFiinovation The
State government in Andhra Pradesh has set up an expert committee to explore the
possibilities of establishing infrastructure for satellite based technologies to
cover remote villages which have so far remained isolated due to difficult
geographic terrains.
Published in Non Profit on November 25, 2014
???Anand D Kumar Expert Author Profile Articles
Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. Electronic Gadgets Boon or
BaneInnovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd., being fully dedicated towards the
protection of environment shall contribute towards resolving the issue by
effectively disposing its e waste through proper channel.

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Buy nowMy favourite thing about red is wearing it out of context with
minimal make up and low key clothes on a sunday afternoon at the park has more
wow factor than a classic little black dress red lip evening look. The beauty
counters are awash with red this season, but you can`t beat the beauty editors`
favourite MAC Ruby Woo, or Revlon`s 1950s launch Super Lustrous Fire Ice which
remains relatively unchanged over 60 years later
Buy now
This feels ultra rich but doesn`t glide on so easily, you have to work it into
the lip. But consequently it stays put with absolutely no bleeding or feathering
for ages and that was even with applying it straight from the bullet (use a
brush and you can help colour stay in place longer if the formula isn`t as long
lasting as this one). A warm orange based red, Raven will suit sallow and yellow
based complexions. The bullet also has a sharp edge, so getting the perfect line
around the lips is easy to do.
The name says it all this is pure red carpet glamour at its very best. Not
for the faint hearted, but if you want look at me lips, this is the one to go
for. Warm tomato red undertones suit sallow and olive skin tones, but on fairer
cooler tones this looks like the classic pillar box bright red. Giving long
lasting six to eight hours wear, and made with olive oil, vitamin E, rose seed
extract and jojoba, this keeps lips in tip top condition.
7. The featherlight texture is combined with a high pigment, potent colour
that lasts for six hours totally unexpected considering how soft and glossy it
feels. It`s a good one for darker skins that need a strong rich shade. And the
stain is so effective you`re left with pretty, soft pink lips for a good 48
hours after removing this lippie.
11. By Terry Rouge Terrybly Age Defense Lipstick in Terrific Rouge:This
classic all rounder is a beautiful semi matte pillar box red (although the
bullet looks quite dark) with relatively warm undertones. It works with sallow
skin and cooler fairer tones too, but looks particularly beautiful on darker
skin. Enriched with anti ageing, volumising and firming ingredients, it feels
silky smooth to apply. Lips feel nourished and plumped up while wearing this
anti ageing lipstick.
???14 best red lips
Another soft sheer gloss, this red is slightly warmer and works beautifully on
yellow toned skin. Like any gloss it`s more forgiving than a lipstick and
precision application is less important you can slick this on in the back of a
cab without a mirror.
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"Wanna fit in? Shop elsewhere." Wow! With a motto like this,
everything here is sure to be different and edgy, and to totally make you stand
out. Punk clothing, tattoo t shirts, and apparel for both boys and girls that`s
inspired from vintage, rock n roll, and army styles is what this cool brand
specializes in. Too Fast is also involved in resale of stuff that is really hard
to find now, and they have a wholesale site as well!If you feel put off by the
name, feel un put off immediately. Set up by a fresh high school graduate 9
years ago in a modest New York basement, today is a successful brand offering
cool apparel for both boys and girls. This brand is definitely your source for
vibrant, edgy, and yet subtle clothing. As they say themselves, their work
reflects a rock n roll edge with chic modernism. With a catchy name and catchier
designs, you`re sure to enjoy shopping here. is a popular online store
specializing in everything that is inspired by different music genres such as
punk, rock, metal, and indie, from apparel, to CDs, to posters. Another very
remarkable and catchy thing about is that they give their customers a free
packet of Skittles with orders of t shirts and sweatshirts! Yes, you read right!
How`s that for a sweet deal?
Like the name suggests, Rock Rebel offers rock inspired clothing for both men
and women. Based in CA, this company has been popular for its alternative, rock
inspired fashion for over 10 years. Rock Rebel now encompasses several different
brands, all of which are popular for their cutting edge styles and totally cool
image. prides itself upon having limited collections which ensure that its
customers don`t all end up owning the same things. Based in Nevada, has been
creating alternative fashion apparel and accessories for men and women since
quite some time now. This store also prides itself upon its low prices and an
amazing selection of alternative styles to choose from.
The story of Hot Topic goes back to 1988, when the founders knew something
different was exactly what was needed to revolutionize the world of teenage
apparel. They were right! Hot Topic clothes are popular among people of all ages
today, all over the world, as these clothes are perfect for those who love
standing out from the crowd. However, this brings us back to our original
question, what happens if we have a lot of friends who own the same Hot Topic
apparel as us? Sometimes it may feel a little strange if we run into people
wearing the same clothes as us. The answer is, like we said, alternatives to Hot
Topic. These stores are similar, and yet different, and some are more affordable
than Hot Topic. offers amazing and quirky apparel and accessories for boys and
girls hovering in the 18 24 age group. prides on its amazingly stylish apparel
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Diego, California, more than a decade ago, is for women who don`t like to stay
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offers some seriously cute apparel for girls who aren`t afraid to explore the
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moment, this store has phone cases, bags, sunglasses, swim wear, and jewelry
too! Based in China, offers free shipping all over the world. No minimum
purchase required. OMG!
Blue Banana
Fashion is really an individual style, and if alternative is your thing, these
stores are the way to go. The best part is that you can browse through all these
and more from right where you are, and you`ll get them delivered at your
doorstep as soon as possible! Plus, all these stores are very helpful and
accommodating if and when you need to return or exchange a product. We hope our
list of clothing stores like Hot Topic could help you. If we`ve missed out on
any amazing store, you can of course let us know through the comments section
below! Happy shopping!
Rock Rebel
Too Fast
Since 1997, Blue Banana has tried and succeeded at providing clothing and
accessories that are seriously un mainstream. (Yeah okay, I just made the word
up!) This store calls itself the home of alternative fashion and specializes in
clothing that is inspired by punk, rock, goth, and street styles. Blue Banana
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Why do we love Hot Topic so much? The answer strikes in a heartbeat Hot Topic
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It is not just the poor and unemployed who are angry and demanding change. In
a large tent housing the Syriza campaign headquarters in Koumoundourou Square in
the centre of Athens, a party worker called Alexis says that he himself is not
badly off. A 64 year old air traffic controller, he has seen his monthly salary
cut from 5,500 to 4,500 (4,100 to 3,360), and he pays higher taxes. He is more
upset by the fact that no new air traffic controllers have been appointed for
years and, as a result, he and his colleagues get only a few days` holiday a
year. He said that crucial to Syriza doing even better in the election than it
did in the European parliamentary elections last year was the introduction of a
new property tax. Not only did it seem to be yet one more particularly onerous
tax and Greeks have long seen buying property as their ultimate insurance
but there seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel.
These elections are a measure of the failure of the EU, which has sought to
bludgeon Greeks into policies that they see as being against their interests and
which, in any case, they had not assented to. The supervision of the troika
provokes the same sort of ill feeling that countries feel for colonial rulers,
regardless of the justifiability of the changes they want to introduce.
Even those jobs that do exist are often temporary or poorly paid. Manya
Kavvathea is 27 years old and was trained as a historian. She is getting by on
short term jobs doing marketing surveys. Many of her friends have emigrated
"to Holland, France and Germany". If there are few jobs in Athens,
there are even fewer in her home town of Nafolio, a pretty tourist resort where
"the only employment is waitressing in the cafs".
There has also been a certain amount of hypocrisy involved since, at the time
of the previous general election, the EU was seeking to keep Syriza out of power
while simultaneously claiming that radical reform of the old corrupt clientist
Greek political system would be implemented by the parties that had created and
still benefited from it. If the EU really does want to change Greece, they need
a party with the same commitment.
Syriza may not win an absolute majority in parliament and will be reliant on
smaller parties. It will also be constrained by a commitment to balanced budgets
and securing a 7.2bn loan tranche, as well negotiating on the 320bn debt. But
the early elections called by Mr Samaras and the likely victory of Syriza are
strong pieces of evidence that the sort of reforms the EU has been trying to
implement in return for its money are vastly unpopular within Greece, where they
are seen as a humiliating symbol of servitude. It is also obvious that Mr
Tsipras is right in saying that the Greek debt is "not just unbearable, it
objectively cannot be repaid".
Lena Ekonomigou, a 63 year old unemployed cleaning lady who used to clean the
tax offices in the Ministry of Finance, recalls how she "used to earn 325 a
month, but two years ago I was sacked. We were laid off as if we were garbage.
That is why I believe in Alexis ." Lena did not wholly explain how she has
survived, but says "the church helps" and she made a little money
looking after a woman who has difficulty walking. She says: "All I really
want is to get my job back."
He may well get his wish by the time polls close at 7pm today.
Yanis is hoping that Syriza, the party of the radical left, will win today`s
election and reduce both mass poverty and the general sense of hopelessness.
"I don`t think that tomorrow will bring green valleys and golden
cows," says Yanis. But he does hope, with Syrizia in power, to see some
Samaras` Syriza opponents are promising relief for the homeless (AP)
Meanwhile, he has a list of reforms, such as giving free electricity to people
whose power has been cut off, providing food stamps for children, healthcare to
the uninsured, and some form of accommodation for the homeless, as well as
raising the minimum wage from under 500 a month to 750.
The mystery in Greece is how so many people manage to survive without jobs or
unemployment benefit. The answer is that most rely on their families. Yanis
says: "The family is what counts here that is what saves us. If we
followed the English model, half the people would be in the street."
Leaving aside the questionable implication that family bonds don`t count for
much in England, the Greek state has shown itself largely incapable of coping
with the needs of the 26 per cent of the population who are out of work or the
three million who live below the poverty line.
Former premier Antonis Samaras (Getty)
A Greek voter checks the list (Reuters)
Fear of the unknown and of a final rupture with the EU won the elections for
Mr Samaras in 2012. But today Greeks are weary of attempts to frighten them into
accepting a status quo that has brought misery to so many and shows no signs of
ending. The very fact that the general elections are being held early is a
consequence of Mr Samaras`s inability to muster enough parliamentary support to
elect a new president last month. This was a result of his failure to win
satisfactory compromises over the bailout, austerity measures and debt write
offs, as well as to get the much detested International Monetary Fund removed
from the "troika" of the European Central Bank (ECB), the IMF and the
European Commission which supervises Greece`s adherence to its agreement with
the EU. With the troika seen by Greeks, with some reason, as the equivalent of
overseers in the workhouse in Oliver Twist, Mr Samaras appears as their willing
???and send a defiant message to the EU
Mr Samaras appears to have failed to convince voters that he had no choice but
to bow to the EU`s demands and that putting Syriza into power is "national
suicide". At the last government rally, inside a sports stadium built for
the Olympics in 2004, Mr Samaras told a crowd of wildly cheering supporters
waving a forest of white and blue Greek flags that "the opposition say that
rather than a bad deal the EU] it is better to die". He added, for good
measure, that Syriza is going to disarm the police, let a flood of immigrants
into Greece and turn the country into a Mediterranean version of North Korea.
The mostly middle aged crowd applauded, loudly chanting: "Greece! Greece!
Samaras! Samaras!"
The Greek radical left is likely to defeat the centre right governing party in
today`s elections, challenging the EU over repayment of Greece`s 240bn debt and
enforced reduction of living standards. Opinion polls show that, in the past few
days, the left wing Syriza party, led by Alexis Tsipras, has been increasing its
lead over the party of the Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, who for two years
has imposed austerity on Greece in return for loans from the EU. Unfortunately
for him, the Greeks haven`t felt that they were benefiting from their
Syriza supporters brush aside talk of a run on the banks on Monday. While Mr
Samaras has warned his supporters that "liquidity can be cut off and it
will only take days for Greece to be asphyxiated", this no longer has the
resonance it once had. Syriza may be radical, but it has been doing its best not
to sound revolutionary and to avoid frightening middle class voters or the
international markets. In any case, sympathetic commentary by financial experts
on debt forgiveness and better terms for payment of existing debt is becoming
much more the norm. The eurozone has a bailout fund, and the ECB will buy the
bonds of countries in trouble.

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